His Mother Dressed Him Up As A Girl

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Is Forced Feminization Right For You?

Do not watch this video!

Unless you’re a sissy and like that sort of thing. You won’t believe what happens to him.

This is one of 99 of the best sissy videos on the web.

Maria Comes Knocking

Forced Feminization Video

Forced Feminization Video

99 Sissy Problems-Sissy School

Every crossdresser has fantasies about being in school dressed as a girl, EVERY ONE. But its possible that you didn’t get to do that when you had your chance.

Maybe you couldn’t find the right dress, or heels, or bra. Did you know that an estimated 85% of men wear the wrong bra? But I digress. So like many men you go to a professional Dominatrix and act out your sissy schoolgirl fantasy.

As you may remember though, school can be a bitch, and sometimes the teacher can be a bitch. What you thought was going to be a few easy, fun hours in class turns into something very serious.

The thing about beautiful, sexy teachers is that they know that they have all the power, and can punish you as needed. In this video, the now fully transformed Chloe needs a tremendous amount of punishment. He’s not paying attention to the etiquette lesson and daydreaming about something. Its almost as if he’s misbehaving on purpose. WHAT IS HE DAYDREAMING ABOUT?

A wise man once said: “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” Yep.

Chloe Learns Etiquette

Chloe Learns Etiquette

Chloe Learns Etiquette

99 Sissy Problems-99 Sissy Videos

It has been said that all problems are opportunities. It has been said that when when one door closes, another one opens.

In this case, a young man comes knocking on a door looking for work. The door opens.

Now I don’t want to ruin the ending so I’ll briefly sum up the plot.

It gets rough, very rough, and it turns out he likes it rough. He ends up as Maria, wearing a very pretty babydoll nightie, panties, stockings, full makeup and a wig.

This is only one of 99 crossdressing, sissy training and forced feminization videos available. And in case you didn’t read my last post, I am currently working with Lady Annabelle and am now giving away all 16 of my forced feminization and feminization hypnosis MP3s as a gift when you join her member site.

99 problems? Come again?

Details Here

Maria Comes Knocking

Maria Comes Knocking

Strapped In Silk Fall Special-All 16 MP3s Now Free With Video Sign Up

All 16 of my MP3s, normally priced at over $300 can be yours with a $29 video sign up.

You’ll get my 16 one of a kind recordings, over 100 hours of the best sissy training and forced feminization video on the web, and thousands of photo sets, including several of the fully feminized young man now known as Candy pictured below.

This offer is valid until I change my mind, which I do frequently.

Think about it.

All 16 MP3s Now Free With Video Sign Up

All 16 MP3s Now Free With Video Sign Up

All 16 MP3s Now Free With Video Sign Up

Crossdressing Selfies-Techniques and Obsessive Photography Disorder

The main technique for a good crossdressing selfie is the pose. Sitting in a chair is fine, but experiment with different body angles and expressions.

After that the best thing you can do is use a tripod or put your camera on a solid surface, then set the self timer.

Its very important that you realize that you do not have to make a technically perfect shot.

Professional photographers sometimes add grain to their photos to give them a gritty effect, can you imagine that? Many have cameras that cost more than your car, and their pictures are magazine quality, then they make them look rough. Of course we all know that many people like it rough.

But if you want to shoot for a sharp photo with as little noise (grain) as possible, here are a couple of very obvious tips you probably already know.

More light will give you a faster shutter speed, which hopefully results in sharper photos.

If you know what ISO is and where to set it on your camera, keep it as low as possible. Higher ISO shows more noise (grain).

Now if you happen to have Obsessive Photography Disorder as I do, here are some very, very simple yet important things to think about while setting up and shooting:

Aperture, white balance, focal length, metering mode, composition, aspect ratio, format, symmetry, and of course bracketing. Easy peasy right?

Then after downloading the RAW files (of course you shot RAW-don’t be ridiculous) make the basic adjustments in Lightroom:

White balance, exposure, fill light, blacks, brightness, contrast, clarity, vibrance, and saturation. Adjust the highlights, lights, darks, shadows, play with individual color hue, saturation and luminance, reduce noise and sharpen.

Next think about black and white by converting to grayscale and adjusting the luminosity levels of the red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and magenta separately.

Now save the file as a PSD, TIFF or JPEG. Of course you can tweak it more in Photoshop if you have it, adding masks, adjusting the levels and experimenting with effects and filters.

Did I mention to keep an eye on the histogram? Consider exposing to the right for at least some of the hundreds of shots you’ll be taking.

Now I’ve heard rumors, mostly in back alleys and the photography section of book stores, that some people are taking pictures on auto, or even with their phone and getting fantastic results.



The lovely Melanie Hue with his Canon Rebel

The lovely Melanie Hue with his Canon Rebel

Crossdresser Shopping Tips-Supermarket Panties

As much as you like to dress up as a girl, and wear all kinds of pretty lingerie and dresses, many of you chicken out when it comes to shopping for them. My friend Michael is a total chicken when its time to actually go into a woman’s clothing store and buy the things he desperately desires.

He’s fine with choking his chicken but that’s another story. So today I took Michael to a special lingerie store, the kind of store that everyone has nearby, but few people realize how easy it is to shop there. The supermarket.

Did you know that almost every supermarket has a section with panties? The stores near me carry smooth microfiber brief panties by No nonsense. They have black, nude, and white with cute flowers on them.

They come in small for you little guys, large for the average Josephine, and extra large for the guys that will pick up a case of beer, since they’re already shopping.

You may think that panties you buy in a supermarket are going to be as rough as sandpaper, some of you may even like that. But believe me when I tell you that these panties are soft, silky, pretty, and best of all $6.50 for two pairs.

Grab a loaf of bead and a magazine, a pack of panties and checkout. Nobody will bat an eye or ask you for your life story. But in the rare case that all the self checkouts are busy, and you get a woman that needs to know everything about everyone, there is a simple answer. Look her in the eye, pause a few seconds for dramatic effect, then say: “Are you writing a book?”

By the way, guess whats right next to the racks of panties? Pantyhose and tights in all different colors and styles. The size chart is on the back of every package. When in doubt or if you start to get nervous, just get queen size, because its good to be queen (Tom Petty reference if you missed that).

Tip: check the price on the fashion and hairstyle magazines before you buy one. Michael picked up a copy of the new Short Hair Style Guide and discovered at the register it was $9.99. I told him we should go back and get a different one, but I think he was in a hurry to get home.

Photo by Michael with my Sony Rx100.

Supermarket Panties

Supermarket Panties

Halloween Sissy Story Contest – Its too short!

Some of you are complaining that one page or 1200 words is not long enough for a great sissy story. So let me give you a tip to make things easier.

Skip the beginning and get right into the action. Whether you’re caught in the closet by your sister or tied up by cheerleaders, resist the desire to describe everything that led up to the situation in minute detail.

Most sissies have limited patience unless tied up, so to make your story more exciting start in the middle. Remember, every reader will have one hand on their mouse and one hand in their panties.

Let me give you a graphic example. This guy seems to be in a bit of trouble. It doesn’t matter how and why he’s in this position, what’s important is what happens next. Ya feel me?

This contest is now over.

Halloween Sissy Story Contest

Pantyhose Bondage

Pantyhose Bondage