The Costume Party-A Sissy story

Hi honey, are you ready for your big day? You’ve been looking forward to this all year haven’t you? Today you get to become the girl you’ve always wanted to be, and its OK, because we’re going to say its for a costume party.

That’s right. I’ve already told the girls at the salon, and they think its so cute that you want to do everything it takes to become a pretty little girl.

By the way, I was on Facebook last night and guess what I saw? You know don’t you? I saw my picture posted there with my phone number. That’s the picture I gave you isn’t it?


Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve caused me? I trusted you and you Fucked up big time. Did you think I wouldn’t find out? Do you know how many calls I got-Oh I COULD JUST KILL YOU!

Maybe you’d like me to post some pictures of YOU on there? Would you like that? Maybe the one of you in your maids outfit, sucking on my strap-on. And I could mention that you’re always looking for new friends, how would that be? We could send that picture to your boss too, that would be fun wouldn’t it?

You’re sorry? Well,  sorry doesn’t help much now does it? Its too Fucking late for that isn’t it?


I’ve changed my phone number and hopefully no one will find out where I live. But I want you to understand how it feels to have your privacy violated like that. If you’re a good little girl, and do everything I say, I’ll try to forget this ever happened. We’re still going to dress you up and make you over just like we planned, only I may not be as discreet as I originally promised.


Now lets get started my little sissy.

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So you like to dress up as a girl?

Great! Whatever makes you happy. But what about makeup? Do you know your foundation from your concealer?

And what about a trained makeup artist helping you every step of the way, sound good?

Not only that, but she can help you pick out the right lingerie, wig, dress, and accessories. And if that isn’t enough, she’ll take pictures of you all dressed up to show your friends at the hunting lodge this winter!

OK, OK, calm down, its not me this time. What I’m suggesting is a professional transformation salon.

Yes I know, you’re still trying to get up the nerve to go buy panties from Walmart. But this is different.

First of all, its private. They cater to cross dressers and understand your privacy and worries. Second of all, they have heels in your size-lots of them! And bras, and breast forms, stockings, slips, skirts, blouses, dresses, wigs, and pretty jewelery to complete your look.

After the makeover they help you change and remove the makeup (such a shame) and you can go home as if you just finished a round of golf.

Prices are not as high as you may think for all this, and some have hotel accommodations nearby if you want to make a weekend out of it.

“But Teresa, I don’t think there’s one near me”


Here’s a short list but they are many more if you search Google. Look at the before and after pictures and their services. Think about it. You can dream about being caught and feminized, or maybe FINALLY going all out on Halloween, but that’s only once a year and most likely you’ll chicken out again and go as a pirate.

Life is short boys, some people go skydiving or ride around the world on a motorcycle. All you want for your adventure is to put on some pretty clothes and see just how cute the girls can make you.


1-Femme Fever Long Island

2-Le Femme Finishing School New Jersey

3-My Changing Room Boston, Massachusetts

4-Dress Me Up The U.K

5-Over The Rainbow Portland, Oregon

There’s even a cruise if you’re looking for something really special: En Femme Getaway-October 30 – November 4th

Hair Salon daydreams

Do you ever find yourself at the hair salon, trying to sneak a peek at those beautiful hairdressing books? Or maybe you watch with envy as a young woman gets a perm.

When your stylist asks how you’d like it today, do you just say “The Usual”?

Maybe, as she does your 15 minute haircut, you drift off into your own favorite fantasy, the one where you get a TOTAL transformation and become a gorgeous, sexy, woman!

It can be a lot easier than you think. There are transformation salons in more places now than ever before. The prices are reasonable, they understand you completely, and they even take pictures! How cool is that!

There are at least 2 of these places on my resources page under Makeup and Hair, 1 in New Jersey and the other on Long Island. Go for it Boys!

Under the drier…

You and your best friend Jake are at the salon for your weekly makeover. Sitting under the hair drier in your bra and panties, you both daydream about new lingerie (Of course).

How about a beautiful, pink, mini waist cincher? You have the perfect dress to go with that don’t you?

And panties! You just can’t have too many pairs of panties right? Maybe these sheer mesh briefs…

Stockings! What about stockings! You can always find an occasion to wear these seamed, fishnet stockings…

That’s it girls, you can shop when you get home. Its time to finish up and meet me for lunch. We can talk about the other things you’ll need from Johanna’s Wardrobe later. Don’t forget to tip generously, you know you’ll be back!