The Psychology of Crossdressing

Have you ever asked yourself why you like to dress up as a girl and prance around like Cinderella? Have you ever wished you could figure the whole thing out once and for all?

In this Podcast episode I explain the most widely accepted theory in the psychology of crossdressing. I just hope its not too complicated for you guys.

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The Psychology of Crossdressing

The Psychology of Crossdressing

The Sissy Blogger and Google

Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of sissy bloggers all over the world went into panic mode recently.

Google had warned earlier this week that its blogging network would ban sexually explicit and graphic nude images. Then they changed their mind and said it was fine as long as you label your site as containing adult content, placing it behind a warning page.

Google originally told bloggers that it would allow nudity “presented in artistic, educational, documentary or scientific contexts, or where there is substantial benefit to the public.” This is exactly the way it should be.

Rather than post images depicting the sissy in an unflattering or humiliating way, make it artistic, make it educational, make it benefit the public. For example, this is a sissy maid named Maria hard at work in the kitchen.

Hard at work

Hard at work

We see that this man has an excellent sense of fashion, you might even say an artistic sense of color. We also see what the sissy maid actually does in between spankings and other punishment, which makes it educational. And the way he can balance in high heels and carry a tray examines science and the ability of the sissy brain to do several things at once.

As for a substantial benefit to the public, sissy maids work on a barter system rather than get paid a salary. This can only lead to a better economy for everyone and cleaner homes.

Now what we really need is a network to connect willing sissy maids with potential customers. Sadly, the majority of sissies are not being used to their full potential, literally.

Crossdresser Spring Fashion

For many of you, spring fashion means new panties and lipstick. But this may be the year you decide to get out more, maybe take a walk through the park after work.

Maybe you just want sexy high heels in your size, a fantastic wig, a cute satin top, or a pencil skirt.

Maybe you’re interested in a crossdressing and transgender learning center with tips on crossdressing photography, walking in heels, tucking, transgender voice feminization and much, much more.

I suggest you check out Suddenly Fem at Picture yourself in this red hot sultry dress, perfect for walking your dog (in the park), a quick trip to the supermarket, or just sitting on your front porch watching the sunset.

Note: you’ll still need new panties and lipstick.

Suddenly Fem Hot Sultry Dress

Suddenly Fem Hot Sultry Dress

The Sissy Hubby

Yes, honey, I’m happy to have finally found out your “little secret.” But it’s not so little to you, is it? How long have you been sneaking into my underwear drawer? From the day we moved in together? And before that? How long have you been dressing up pretty?

All these years. It makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Yes, guilty, but good. You don’t have to feel that way anymore baby. You’re safe here with me. And I’m going to help you. I’m going to make you the prettiest girl you can be.

Yes, I’m going to enjoy dressing you up, darling. I’ll help turn you into my sweet sissy. Oh, too soon? You’re not a sissy? Surely you jest? I saw you mincing around in my slip, feeling your chest, primping your hair. And I saw just how hot it made you. If you don’t remember I can show you the tape. It’s quite enlightening…

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The Sissy Hubby

The Sissy Hubby

Confessions of a Sissy

The main difference between a crossdresser and a sissy is that some sissies want to have sex with a man. Often a sissy wants to have sex with several men.

This confession from a man named Sara is so obscene and explicit that I can’t post it here on this blog. But I can read it to you on my Podcast.

You may not want to listen in case you have sissy tendencies and are happy just dressing up and prancing. Don’t blame me if you find yourself in an uncompromising position somewhere down the road. Or in the back seat of a car.

Listen to Saragirl’s Sissy Confession here

Saragirl’s Sissy Confession

Saragirl’s Sissy Confession

Boys Or Girls?

As soon as I joined Pinterest and started following people, I noticed that a lot of guys pin pictures of women in boards labeled Crossdresser, Transvestite, and/or Transgender. I figured this was just part of their fantasy, but today I discovered someone that takes this kind of thing very seriously.

His mission statement: “Come on people, you really need to think about things before you post them, damn, I just came across a picture of Megan Fox labeled “a boy”. I’m not saying trans gender girls aren’t pretty, I think some of them are gorgeous, but we all know Miss Fox was born female. Let’s use a little discretion here people. OK?”

Well ok then. Check out this board for yourself and feel free to leave comments. You do have to log in but joining is free.

Boys Or Girls on Pinterest

Boys Or Girls on Pinterest

Boys Or Girls on Pinterest

Lingerie Shopping Tips For Men That Wear Lingerie

You’ve probably seen articles about helping men buy lingerie, and some might be useful to you. The only thing about these tips is that they assume you’re buying the lingerie for someone else, and this can lead to problems, especially when you get flustered in a crowded store.

Lets look at some advice from experts and see how it applies to you.

From Luisa Loveday Founder Loveday London: “My best advice would be to spend time finding out about your partner and her style: girly, bondage, soft, hard, light, bright or dark, and then be sure to match her taste as best as you can.”

The fact that your partner likes the exact same style as you and wears the same size may be hard to explain.

From Fleur Turner CEO and founder Fleur of England: “Is she romantic? Does she like silk? Does she like lace? What colors does she wear?”

So far this advice sounds great, but can you remain cool calm and collected as you talk about silk and lace while holding a pretty babydoll nightie?

From Lucy Litwack Managing director Coco de Mer: “It is important the male customer feels at ease in the store.”

AHA! This is the key. You need to be brave, have confidence that you can comfortably browse all the pretty things, and buy whatever you like in your size. This is intimidating for most of you and many never make it into the store. Of course you can order online but you’ll miss a unique experience, not to mention how great it feels to conquer your fears.

I have an 11 minute recording that I made specifically for crossdressers that want to walk into any lingerie store as easily as walking into a McDonalds. Its called Lingerie Shopping Made Easy and its now free.

Put it on your iPod and listen on the way to the mall. It will be like I’m sitting right there giving you a pep talk.

Remember, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. That, and maybe having to fight a large woman over the last pair of adorable boy shorts that are on sale.

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

Lingerie Shopping Made Easy Free MP3

The History of Forced Feminization

In the beginning, there were men that liked to dress up as women. At first it was enough just to wear lingerie and prance around, but they soon wanted more.

They developed all kinds of fantasies where they were dressed up from head to toe by beautiful women, and often groups of beautiful women.

Unfortunately very few women were into this form of role play, so they sought out paid professionals. And with these dominant women, later called a Dominatrix, they were able to live out every twisted, kinky, humiliating fantasy they ever had, again, and again, and again.

As it was then, so it is now.

Vintage Sissy found on Pinterest

Vintage Sissy found on Pinterest