Leaning the ropes

Today I had some fun with my new friend Sandy, or Sandra as she became later in the day. She wanted to act out a fantasy she’s had for a long time and I was happy to help. She wanted to be my maid and to be ordered around and verbally abused. Well my house needed cleaning anyway so I left her with the vacuum and went out for a ride. Arriving home with four of my girlfriends we found Sandra dusting away in her cute little maids outfit. She seemed embarrassed but excited. We all had a few drinks earlier but my friend Amy was the most lit. She had been having a rough time with her boyfriend lately and decided to take it out on poor Sandra. The rest of us sat on the couch and watched as Amy took charge.
First she ordered Sandra to fix us a round of drinks and then become a table for her to put her feet on. After that she made her sing “I’m a little teapot” in a high voice and when she finished and curtsied as ordered, Amy decided that she didn’t do it right and had to be spanked. Told to bend over and pull down her ruffled panties Amy started spanking away hard until her hand hurt and I got her a paddle. It was funny at first and we were all enjoying the show until the spanking got much harder and Sandra began to ask for mercy. That really got Amy going and to make a long story short she beat the hell out of my little sissy maid. It finally seemed to be over and Amy sat back on the couch looking like she just had an orgasm! Lighting a cigarette she dismissed Sandra who ran into the other room with tears running down her face. I went inside to apologize and found Sandra furiously playing with herself and moaning.
I left her to finish and told my friends who were as surprised as I was. Except for Amy who wanted to know when Sandra could come to her house to do her laundry and cleaning. After the girls left I found Sandra still in her outfit cleaning my bathroom. She told me that this was the most exciting thing that ever happened to her and couldn’t stop thanking me.
Now Amy has a full time maid who does her cleaning and chores in exchange for some beatings and Sandy is happier than ever. Don’t you love a happy ending?

All tied up

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