Last Halloween

I’ve made many new friends since I’ve joined ALT and COLLARME recently. One of them reminded me of my friend Michael and how I helped him with his fantasy last year about this time.
It was last October and we pretended we were going to a Halloween party the following week.
I took him to my favorite clothing store and they let him try on as many dresses as he wanted (I had told the owner earlier that it was NOT for the holiday). You should have seen the girls faces when they saw his smooth, silky legs, and that he not only had on stockings and a garter belt, but his toenails were painted a cherry red!
I told him to go try on a really short black dress and had the salesgirls help me play a joke on him. While he was busy modeling it for me one of them got his jeans and other clothes he came in with and hid them. Now he was mine!
Right then and there I told everyone in the store that Michael wanted to be Michelle, and there really was no party! As he turned different shades of red they all agreed to help and got down to serious feminization. They helped him with a bra and shoes and we eventually found a hot enough outfit. He was having a very hard time with the whole thing which was visible to everyone, but I knew he was in heaven.
To make a long story short, Michael, now Michelle, finished the day at the salon with a new hairdo, makeover and a manicure. He finally shot his load into his new panties just as they started to pierce his ears! Talk about a Kodak moment!
I have so many pictures of him from that day that I’d love to share but he’s an investment banker and we are friends, and he knows he can trust me.

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