The New Girl

Yesterday was Michael’s Lucky day, I had volunteered him to my new neighbor Susan for her beauty school class to experiment on. I went over early to pick him up and make sure he was ready. I brought one of my favorite corsets for him to wear. I thought that would be fun so everyone could see how serious he was about this. He would be wearing the corset with matching stockings and panties while they did his hair, make up and nails. Michael blushed as I made him put it on but I could see how excited he was! He skin was shaved and smooth and he almost looked kind of sexy.
Finishing his outfit he wore a pink satin blouse, pink sweatpants and pink sneakers. I couldn’t help but spray a bit of my perfume on him before we left. The girls were in for a treat.
I had get to work so I dropped him off at the school and left him there to wait until they opened in a half hour. He looked so cute standing there like that, I beeped my horn three times and waved goodbye. The rest of this is written by Susan.
I pulled up and saw Michael standing there and he gave me a little wave. I was going to have a ball with him today and knew my class was going to love this. I unlocked the door and showed him around. Teresa had told me all about Michael and I was determined not to have any mercy on him. He was for a makeover and that was what we were going to give him.
I told him to take off those silly sweatpants and sneakers and handed him a very short skirt. He put it on and stood there looking confused. I found a cute belt and had several pairs of heels and he found that they all fit perfectly (Teresa has told me his size). When I felt that he was dressed up properly enough to meet the class I had him sit in one of the chairs and told him the rules for the day.
First of all he was now Michelle and would be as long as he was here. He was only allowed to speak in a feminine voice which we would help him, I mean HER with throughout the day.
The class started at nine and ended at three and she was to act like my other students, going to lunch at noon in the cafeteria,using the girls room, and remembering to act like a lady.
She was here for a COMPLETE makeover which meant coloring and styling her hair, trying different make up until we found the look that was best for her, as well as a manicure,  pedicure, and then the photo shoot.
The highlight of our day would be the modeling session where each student would choose an outfit for her from my extensive wardrobe and she would then pose for the class as we took pictures for our gallery. (I neglected to tell her about my guests from May Kay that would be joining us later for pictures of the class.)
I hear the first cars pull in and told Michelle to get ready to meet the girls, and She stood up, adjusted her skirt, took a quick look in the mirror and told me she was ready. I smacked her hard across the face and told her “YOU DON’T SOUND READY MICHELLE, YOU’RE A GIRL NOW SO MAKE SURE YOU SOUND LIKE ONE!”
She took a second to realize what just happened and then apologized in a very pretty voice.
Now she was ready.

2 thoughts on “The New Girl

  1. First I’d like to see the pictures,then I’d like the name and address of that school!!!
    Do they need more volunteers?I’m ready when Susan is.

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