Instant Karma

I’ve been working on an audio recording for a man that wanted to tell his wife about his foot fetish but was afraid of how she would react. Together we rewrote the story in a way that would explain what he wanted to do with her feet and how much pleasure it would give him.

I convinced him that if she was really turned off by the whole thing at least she would know that he was being honest with her and that this was another way to show how much he loved her. It was a very erotic and sensual story and he decided to put it on a CD and play it in the car on their way to the Hampton’s for their last trip of the year.

Rather than go into detail about how it went he told me that they ended up turning around after about twenty minutes and spent the rest of the day in their bedroom. And today I got an email from his wife with a special story she wants me to record to give him for a Christmas present.
My work is done!

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

One thought on “Instant Karma

  1. You’re a very sick woman Teresa.Why aren’t you home baking pies in high heels and pearls like June Cleaver?And if you have time this weekend I’d like to marry you!!!

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