Halloween 2008

Last night I went to be best Halloween party ever! I was dressed as a biker guy wearing jeans, a leather jacket and mustache. My girl Ashley went as a very sexy whore, in a short red corset dress with high heels and fishnets. I had invited my new neighbors Bonnie and Susan, who really got into the spirit and dressed as master and slave in gorgeous latex outfits.

After stopping at a few bars, I wanted to get to the party even though we were causing all kinds of trouble and driving the guys crazy. Bonnie finally agreed and we got a round of applause as we left.

The party was at a large mansion overlooking the water in Belle Terre in Port Jefferson. By the time we got there it was in full swing, and these people know how to party! There were two floors of people in various stages of dancing and playing and a lower level which was converted into a Dungeon.  Susan and Bonnie grabbed drinks and mingled while Ashley and I danced a slow dance to “In The Still Of The Night.” I was in heaven with my arms wrapped around her, and one of my favorite love songs playing, and we had the floor to ourselves. I could have gone on like that forever, but the music ended and we went into an extra bedroom.
An old friend came in to say hello and was oblivious to the fact that we were kissing and wanted to be alone. He was wearing a Marilyn Monroe costume and actually looked very pretty. He kept flirting with me, and in his best Marilyn voice told me he was a bad girl and needed to be punished.

Normally this would have been something I’d have fun, with but I was busy and he just wasn’t getting the message. I had him lie on the bed and take off his dress. Ashley got some rope from the host and we tied him up like a pig. I promised him we’d be right back and left him there.

I found Tom and his wife (the owners of the house) and explained what I wanted to do. They set up a video camera and Marilyn started to look a little worried. Then we made an announcement on a speaker that Marilyn Monroe would be giving head to anyone that wanted it, and that we were going to try to set a record for the most BJ’s in one night.

Most of the party headed towards the bedroom and there were plenty of happy volunteers. They brought their drinks and watched the action while waiting their turn. Ashley and I found another room for ourselves and locked the door.

When we left the party several hours later the action was still going on with Marilyn and as I saw flashbulbs going off and heard the cheering, I knew that this was one of those rare occasions where everybody gets what they want, and that whether he ended up breaking the record or not this would go down as the party of the year.

We’ll see you in the movies Marilyn!

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