Susan’s Sweeties

Susan and the girls had so much fun last week with her model student that they asked me for more volunteers for her beauty school. That not only wasn’t a problem but I had friends begging me for the chance! So it was another win-win situation. The boys finally got to live out their fantasy and the girls had a ball. But everyone wanted a little more.

Most of the guys wanted to be more than just another pretty face. They wanted to continue the teasing and humiliation in all kinds of strange and interesting ways. The most common fantasies were getting caught and punished or the girls get revenge themes. They wanted to be spanked, whipped, tied up, probed, and serve in any way they were asked.

Well, it’s hard to resist that kind of offer especially when they want to pay for the privilege! So Susan and I discussed setting up a part of her house for this new service. I assured her that there would be no shortage of customers and advised her to start slow. She acted like she had been a professional Dominatrix all her life and was confident she could handle any situation. I felt she needed a guide so I called my good friend Raven who is a pro. The timing couldn’t have been better as she is having her house renovated and need a place to stay for a couple of weeks. She offered to help  teach Susan, and one of her students who is very much into this, about the fine art of Dominance and Submission.

They’re already talking about making video’s and taking out ads and I think its going to work out very well. A new Mistress is born and she owes me a favor! And I have some very good ideas about how she can pay me back.



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