Sara’s Secret

I was leaving the mall the other day and decided to stop in Victoria’s Secret to get a few things. I noticed an embarrassed looking man browsing through the panties trying to look nonchalant. I slowly made my way over and asked him what size he wore. He smiled and turned red as I pointed out the ones I thought would look best on him. I really had to go so I told him to have fun and walked away.
As I got in my car I was surprised to see this man come running out the door and stand there looking around. I pulled up and rolled down my window having a good idea what we was going to ask me.He said his name was Steve and thanked me for my help in the store.I could tell he wanted to say more but was too shy.I told him about my web site and he said he would go home and take a look.
The next day I got an email from him asking me for help in becoming Sara and asked if I would like to go shopping with him. I thought about it and came up with something I thought would be fun and save me a trip.
He went back to the store by himself and called me on his cell phone once he got there.Then he handed the phone to the girl in charge (Darlene:who is a good friend of mine).I told her that I he was doing some work in my house and I caught him stealing my panties.He promised to but me new ones as well as a complete set of things for himself.She was to make sure he bought bras and panties that fit properly as well as a nightgown plus the panties for me.I made sure she understood that this could be a big sale-he had a credit card and wanted to wear lingerie,so it was up to her how much she could sell him.
Steve called me again before he left so I could make sure he did as he was told.He then handed the phone to Darlene who told me that they spent almost an hour with him and he was now wearing black panties,bra and fishnets under his clothes. He had spent close to $300 and was still the same shade of red that he was when he walked in. I reminded her that she should add five pairs of panties in my size and send him on his way.
Steve couldn’t thank me enough and wanted to pay me back somehow for the help.I told him about a little get together I’m having this weekend and he could help out with serving drinks and cleaning up. There’s something about him that seems so innocent and trusting that I think we’re going to become good friends.I just hope my girlfriends who are not too fond of men feel the same way!


2 thoughts on “Sara’s Secret

  1. Oh to be discovered buying panties for myself by such a perceptive lady. To then be ‘forced’ into making a purchase from a female sales clerk with full knowledge – so arousing!

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