Fashion Show

For a friend:

I pick out a matching bra and panties that I know will show through your thin, silky dress. Then you put on stocking and heels to get the feel of what is to come. From there we go to a crowded beauty salon where I tell the girls, all young pretty ones, that you want to be a girl now and you tell them its true. They decide which hairstyle will look best on you and then go to work on your makeup. Starting with your eyebrows which must now be shaped to a thin, feminine line. I choose a name for you are you and tell everyone there your new name and that you love being a girl. You’ve always wanted to be a girl and you beg them to do whatever it takes to make you beautiful. One of them is painting your toenails while another is applying long tips to your fingers. They paint both a very bright, shiny pink, which will match your lipstick. The next step is to pierce your ears. They see that you look scared and they laugh but its over in seconds. Now you can put your heels and stockings back on and straighten your dress. You walk for us up and down the aisle,stumbling a bit in your nervousness. They set up a camera and each girl gives you a helpful hint about how to walk, move your arms, hold your head, make the turn like a model, and keep your ass tight and your stomach in. More people come in to the salon thinking they’re having a fashion show and it becomes one. Music is put on and you strut up and down stopping and posing for everyone to take pictures, most of which will go on the internet. They decide that you have to model different outfits and you are taken to a back room full of colorful tops, shirts and dresses which they help you into. Now the place is packed and the women are in a frenzy to see the new girl and take more pictures and videos. You smile and continue modeling like you’ve been doing it all your life.
You go girl!

One thought on “Fashion Show

  1. I like your stories . I too would like to be a girl I have fantasies of wearing a collarwith a tag saying I belong to _________ and being some dominatrix cute little bitch , being led on a leash and taken to a womens beauty parlor and treated to a make over , having my nails done and all and being modeled just like in your story 🙂

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