Caught And Punished

Last night was Michael’s lucky night, or so he thought! We had arranged a night of fun indulging him in his fantasy to be caught,feminized,and punished for stealing my panties. I just hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!

My neighbors Susan and Bonnie were over as well as two students from Susan’s beauty school.One was Cindy, the beautiful girl/boy that now works at the school and the other was Lisa,a tall, athletic makeup artist who is also studying martial arts. Lisa was to be my muscle and surprise Michael as he attempted the staged robbery. I left two packages from Victoria’s Secret on my front porch that he couldn’t miss.

We were in the middle of listening to one of Bonnie’s famous dirty jokes over drinks when Susan thought she heard something. I almost forgot what we were going to do I was having so much fun with my friends. I turned down the music and we heard a dog barking off and on from three houses down. Lisa jumped up and told everyone to be quiet. She had turned into a ninja at some point after her third drink.

We sat there trying not to giggle at her seriousness and she went to the side door that leads to my porch. Michael was going through the bags probably waiting for someone to come walking out calmly and approach him. Lisa saw him under the dim porch light and charged him slamming him into the wall. She had gone from ninja to fullback in 3 seconds.Then she started screaming like a crazy person for us to come out.

“What’s the hell is going on out here?”, I said.

“I don’t know why this guy is out here on a night like this but I want to find out. Get up you piece of shit!”, and once Michael stood up Lisa grabbed him and literally threw him inside onto the floor of my living room.

It took him a second or two to realize that we were taking this very seriously.The five of us stood there watching him,waiting for him to say something.

“This is my neighbor Michael from down the block,fancy meeting you here Michael. What are you doing?”

“He was going through your Victoria’s Secret stuff when I found him. I forgot we left it out there.”

“Is that right Michael?”

“I-uh-Hi Teresa”

“Wait a fucking minute, I want to know what this creep is doing here and why he was going through your stuff”, Susan said trying to sound angry.

I started to open the bags and take out the new lingerie I had bought earlier that day. It was an adorable knit eyelet-trim nightie in baby pink with matching panties.

“What did you think you were going to do with these Michael?”, I asked calmly.

“I-I was just looking Teresa, I stopped by to say hello”

“Bullshit! I’ve told you NEVER to stop by without calling!

“What do you think girls? Michael says he wanted to say hello.”

I want to know what you were going to do with the lingerie”, Bonnie said for all of us. “Were you going to take it home and jerk off into it?”

“I’ll bet he was going to wear it! Were you going to try it on and pretend to be a girl?”, Lisa demanded.

“Of course he was Teresa, he’s just like the sissies at the salon. I think Michael wants to be Michelle”, Susan said smiling.

“Well this is very interesting, Michelle. Does everyone at work know that you really want to be a girl and wear pretty lingerie, Because they certainly will now!”

“I was just, I just, wait a minute, I-I think I should go home now.”

“Nonsense Michelle, you came to the right place tonight to become the girl you want to be.Susan owns a beauty school and Cindy And Lisa are students there, Bonnie is a teacher and I know how much she like to teach a good lesson, right Bonnie?”

“Absolutely Teresa, and I think Michelle here is in desperate need of a good lesson, one that he wont soon forget. I could get this all on video and you could put it on your website, and even you tube!”

“That sounds great Bonnie, doesn’t it Michelle? Once your friends find out about you I’m sure they’ll want to see pictures. What do you say girls, don’t you think we should help Michelle out?”

“Teresa, lets forget the whole thing OK, this was a stupid idea.Tell them,tell them what we planned.”

“They already know sweetie, and they came over to help.”

“I changed my mind-I’m going to go home, I’m sorry.”

Before I could open my mouth Lisa went over and slapped him. We stood there a little surprised and waited to see what she would do next.

“Listen Michelle, first of all shut the fuck up! You will speak when spoken to from now on.”

“But Lisa, I…”

SMACK! She hit him so hard I swear I heard it echo off the walls.

“You’re a slow learner Michelle. I’ll say this one-more-time. You are going to do exactly what we tell you to do. We’re going to make sure that you remember this night for the rest of your life! You are going to wear that lingerie that you like so much and we will help you with your makeup. Then you will paint your nails to match your lipstick and learn to walk for us in heels until you get it right. Bonnie is going to video tape the whole transformation and you are going to pose for as many pictures as we want. And when we feel that you’ve become feminine enough and look and smell pretty enough we are going to teach you to suck cock like a pro. Cindy has something she wants to show you, don’t you Cindy?”

Michael looked like scared dog and seemed unable to speak. Cindy walked over with a huge smile on her face and stood right in front of him. She lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties and pulled out her tremendous cock waving it at Michael.

“Surprise!”, she said proudly.

“No I can’t , wait a minute, oh-oh.”

But it was too late. Lisa kicked him in the balls and we all shuddered as he grabbed himself in pain. I almost felt bad for him but I knew that he had to learn that sometimes it hurts to be a girl, and that pain and pleasure are two ends of the same stick. And he would learn all about that later as that stick was in his mouth and the camera was rolling, and he got what he asked for.

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