Oh No-Not The Lipstick!

As a practicing Dominatrix specializing in Forced Feminization I’m always open to new ways to make the experience more exciting and fun.

Everyone seems to have a special trigger or favorite part that makes it work for them. One of the most popular is the makeup, and specifically the  lipstick. To be dressed in silky, feminine, lingerie and seated at the makeup table.

After styling your hair and carefully applying eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow and blush, the lips are carefully lined. Then slowly filled  in with a matching lipstick with thick, heavily strokes until you begin to taste it.

Turning around you see the transformation completed and you are now the girl you’ve always wanted to be. The perfume, jewelery, and the remainder of your new outfit is just the icing on the cake!

For others, its the part where you are caught red handed wearing panties and bra and have no choice but to admit your secret, and do as you are told.

Then there is the posing for pictures all dressed up in your prettiest clothes, which will be sent to everyone you know.

Or the ever popular being  in the middle of various stages of feminization when other girls arrive to join in the fun and help you with your nail polish, walk, and voice.

And we’re  not yet even up to being dragged to the salon, the shopping trips for lingerie, and various public humiliations yet!

I’d love to hear what the best part is for you, the highlight of the story that you go through in your mind when you fantasize about these things.

You can tell me-I wont laugh,unless you like that!

5 thoughts on “Oh No-Not The Lipstick!

  1. Chello!

    Mistress, you are so right! For me, however, it’s not just the “dressed in silky,feminine,lingerie and seated at the makeup table.” Makeup has a smell, a scent. It’s not just applying and wearing the makeup…the smell of makeup makes me feel girlie as well.

    Maybe I’m just being silly….

  2. MISTRESS….YOU are so right about the lipstick and the moist,rich texture feeling that says….”i am a slut and i Love it!” a close second is the feeling of a skirt caressing smoothly shaven legs encased in sheer hose….a very cool and reinvigorating sense. i guess i could go on and on about all the joys of dressing as i too agree with Tanya on scents and perfumes……YOU are the best TERESA.


  3. For me it is the lipstick… the smell, the feel, the delicious creaminess. I can cum just thinking of the feminizing lipstick application, in all its rich, creamy, glossy, deep red slutty glory… just like that wonderful photo. The next step is the kiss fantasy… with the feminization complete, the creamy slutty lipstick applied, no opportunity left to deny my sissy nature, my lack of any true manhood, the moment my red lipstick lips meet hers is exquisite. You have a wonderful site, Mistress.

  4. I disagree with you Mistress, but that might be because I like the Humilliation side of being dressed as a Woman! The worst part for me is when I have to put on the Corset, when it`s Laced Tightly, I feel as if I`m trapped completely!!

  5. Oh you are so correct Mistress! While I adore all things feminine, there is nothing so exquisitely girly as make-up! I love the wonderful scents as I must powder my face, apply blush, and do my nails.I love the feeling of having eye shadow, liner and mascara applied. But nothing tops apllying lipstick and gloss! What real man allows himself to be made-up and lipsticked like a girl? And having real girls around to “make me” put my lipstick on while they tease me about what girls do with their lipsticked lips- Oh My! I am such a sissy girl Mistress! Yes- you certainly have my trigger!!

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