I Know What You’re Thinking…

Your probably thinking something like-“I don’t want to tell anyone my fantasies, they might think I’m strange”
Well first of all no one will know who its from-you can send it to me through my website using a fake email and name.
Second of all-So What!
Third of all-So What!
Here is the latest anonymous fantasy: From Mr Smith in Washington

I want to be a sex toy for a group of women. It doesn’t matter to me what they look like or who they are. I want to be captured in some way and taken to a place where I cant escape. I am stripped naked and my clothes are thrown away. Every time I say something I am slapped and told to do as I’m told. I keep trying to reason with them and am slapped repeatedly until finally I stop talking. They keep telling me that I have NO CHOICE anymore-and THERE’S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT! I am asked one last time if I understand and I say yes very softly.
Once I agree to do anything I am used in any way they want, from licking their feet to their pussy. I must pleasure each one as many times and in any way they ask.
They are now free to do other things to me like spank me, tie me up, and use a strap on to fuck me over and over again.
The key for me is when I agree that I will submit. THERE’ S NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT is enough to get me off!

There isn’t that nice? And who knows who sent me this-I wonder if he is in politics,hmmmmm.

So don’t be shy-this is for a good cause: FUN!

One thought on “I Know What You’re Thinking…

  1. I have this weird fetish for womens magazines (marie claire, m2 women etc…)
    and id like to be humiliated by being told that these magazines are worth more than me and i have to worship them, or being turned into a stool for my mistress and be forced to read them while she does whatever she wants, or some sort of creative financial domination where im told what i have to spend my money on (subscribing to magazines, new sissy shoes or handbags etc..)etc…

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