Lingerie Shopping

A lot of guys tell me how much they dream of walking into a lingerie store or boutique and buying all kinds of pretty things. Not only that but they want the salesgirls to know that they’re buying these things for themselves. I have a few suggestions to make the experience as memorable as possible.

Of course you could just go in and tell them, or hand them a written note saying so, but that’s been done and we want to be more creative.

I suggest having someone call the store right before you go in and explain why you are there. She will tell the manager that you have been wearing her bras, panties, and all her other clothes for too long and now its time to buy your own. You are there to purchase a complete set of lingerie in your size and you need help choosing tasteful colors and styles. She will also ask them to call you princess, because that’s what you like to be called at home.

You’ll be buying a weeks worth of panties in different colors and styles. Several sexy nighties, preferably babydolls, a few bras, (depending on your budget) and stockings or pantyhose.

Most large stores like a Victoria’s Secret in a mall probably won’t let you try anything on. But if you can find a privately owned shop or smaller boutique somewhere near you, there’s a good chance you can make sure everything fits properly and give the ladies a show at the same time.

For this reason I recommend that you wear your favorite panties and pantyhose under your clothes. When you come out of the dressing room in a cute little chemise or teddy, you want them to see how serious you are. If they notice how obviously happy you are to be there so much the better!

I’ve done this before a few times and it was fun for everyone involved. If you need someone to make the call I have  friends who will be happy to do it.

So here’s your chance, Princess! Stop dreaming and just do it!

Manager Please

Manager Please

5 thoughts on “Lingerie Shopping

  1. i took the link from your post on fetlife and saw your comment about starting a site for crossdressers – what is the name of that site?

  2. TERESA….i would luv to do this!! Let me know who YOUR friend is as there is a Great Boutique in Harrisburg i would luv to go to. ‘kayla’

  3. Oh My!! You seem to know exactly what’s in my mind. I’ve been thinking about this for so long, but haven’t gotten up the courage to do it. M from PA.

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