A First Time For Everything…

I haven’t written much lately being busy going back and forth to divorce court and recently finding out I have to have my tonsils removed.I thought I had accepted it and put it out of my mind until yesterday.I was at Home Depot looking for switch plates when I walked down the tool isle and saw a cute guy playing with a pair of vice-grips. I suddenly froze and thought I was gonna faint.He saw me and asked what was wrong and I told him I needed some fresh air and he walked me out.

We ended up getting iced coffee and I told him about my upcoming operation.His name is Frank and he’s a carpenter who just got an online degree in microsurgery.He offered to help me out and promised that everything would be fine.He even said that if I’m not happy he can put my tonsils back in.It sounded great although I had a few concerns.

First of all he’s an alcoholic but he assured me that after the first half pint of vodka with breakfast his hands hardly shake at all.Second of all his middle initial is N and his last name is Stein,but I’m sure that’s just coincidence.And he’s never actually done any surgery before so I’ll be his first.But he seems like a really nice guy and I figure he deserves a chance.So I have an appointment for June 9th.

My doctor said this is insane but he also said that when I told him the new nurse he has the hots for is an old friend of mine and used to be a guy.I’m going to go with my gut here and if things work out with my operation I’ll let him build me a bookcase or two.

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