Jane Said…

I’d like to thank my Mom for having me,and the rest of the supporting players that made this all possible.
I may cry.

Janes Adult Website Reviews

Janes Adult Website Reviews

Original & Quality
Strapped In Silk
StrappedInSilk.com’s webmistress Ms. Teresa is a woman of many interests. First you must know that she worked in the makeup and fashion industries, where she encountered many folks into cross-dressing and forced feminization. Her site provides resources for those looking to pretty themselves up. Also, she offers her services for the creation of sexy recorded fantasies for anyone, but especially for men into female domination and sissyhood. Some quite long samples are included; these can be streamed or downloaded. Her voice is absolutely lovely. Prices and terms for stories are clearly listed, and she does accept payment via PayPal. Finally, StrappedInSilk.com offers a number of quite nice photo galleries featuring the forced feminization theme. –aag

(aag is the reviewer  – “alwaysarousedgirl”)

Female Domination Date Reviewed: 2009-05-29
Cost: free Advertising Content: moderate
Category Listings: Female Domination

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