I saw on FetLife that Fictionmania is back up and decided to submit a story. About 2 days later a friend congratulated me for it and I thought he was kidding. I just found the story there and I guess I should be proud,that is definitely the best story site around. I chose my story: TV GUIDE because for one thing its true and for another it mentions my website!

I hope to continue my career and favorite hobby; Perfecting Porn.

TV Guide by Teresa Bowers

4 thoughts on “Fictionmania

  1. Wow, I did not know that the story was from a past experience. That is intense and amazing. Now, tell “the rest of the story,” inquiring minds want to know!

    I like your connection to TV guide…Again great non-fictional story. I am impressed. You have done this for real. Only in my dreams…

    Have a great weekend, princess

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