More Letters To The Editor

P: I find myself coming back to your site again and again. In fact I find myself coming several times a day lately. I just want you to know how much I love your stories and I’d marry you in a second if you’d have me.
T: Thank you P, I just got unmarried and would like to stay that way. As for you coming several times a day I’ll take that as the best compliment you can give me and please come again.

M: Dear Miss Teresa, I saw that you have a degree in psychology and was wondering if you have helped people like me figure out the reasons behind their fetish. For example why I’ve always loved to wear women’s clothes and fantasize about being feminized.
T: To be honest with you the reason you do it is because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good. You could certainly spend years in therapy trying to figure out a deeper meaning behind it if you wanted to. But would you enjoy it more or less once you found out-assuming you did? The main thing from my experience is not to feel guilty about it and hate yourself because its not so called “normal” behavior.

B: I am reluctant to tell anyone about my cross dressing fetish, even my wife. Especially my wife. And I’m afraid of what our friends would say if they found out about it. I think it would be a disaster and I think my wife would leave me.
T: What you do behind closed doors is no ones business but your own. As for telling your wife I understand why you wouldn’t want to. Its a shame you have to keep secrets from the person you’re closest to though. Maybe you can try new things little by little and see how she reacts. You aren’t the only one that feels this way believe me. And as for what other people might think it might very well have negative consequences in social and business circles. But try to remember that most people are too busy worrying about themselves and their own dramas to be too concerned with your fetish. Picture discussing it at a nursing home when your older and see who really gives a shit.

E: Hi Teresa, I’ve been listening to your latest story with my iPod and I feel like you’re right there with me! I only wish you could be-that would be a dream come true for me.
T: I was there with you E, and I would have stayed longer but I got hungry and had to make a sandwich.
Think of me as your guardian angel, only much sexier. I can be there in your mind whenever you need me. But you do have to share because there are so many other minds I have to visit and some are closed most of the time.

2 thoughts on “More Letters To The Editor

  1. Great blog. I loved the stories and the pictures. I think we all find it very erotic when a man finds himself in the woman’s role and a woman finds herself in the man’s role. I have written stories and screenplays on the subjects.
    I find that most of the stuff on the internet focuses on clothing or whips or leather or some other inanimate object. I think the real fetish should focus on a strong woman forcing a weak man to take the role of the woman and to wear the clothes of a woman. Even describing it turns me on.

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