Free Audio Story Contest-(ENDED)

I’m having a contest to find the most erotic, original, and creative  story or fantasy and turn it into a killer MP3. It can be about anything, and up to ten minutes long (The time varies depending on the way its written so its hard to say exactly how many words. Caught In Panties is about 11 minutes and 1900 words). The winner will get a free audio version of their story narrated by yours truly.  I will send it to you to use however you like as well as add it to my website for everyone to enjoy.

It should be written as a narrative like my others. I will be telling the story as if it is happening. (There has been some confusion about this). All submissions will be kept strictly confidential and the deadline is July 31st.

Copy and paste it into the contact form on my website.

Well-what are you waiting for? Get your ass over to the computer and start writing. NOW!

Update 6/23: Stories for this contest must be in the form of a narrative for me to record.If you want to send me a story to read I’m always looking for new things to read in bed.

Update 6/24: This is an example of the perfect story for this contest and the leader so far: Kiss Me by Sweat Shop Sissy

Kiss Me by Sweat Shop Sissy

Kiss Me by Sweat Shop Sissy

For those who are still confused this is a short example of the form the story should be in:

Take off my clothes before I call the police!

Wait a minute, I think I have a better idea.

Oh you’re going to love this!

8 thoughts on “Free Audio Story Contest-(ENDED)

  1. What will determine the winning story Miss Teresa?Can you explain a bit what you are looking for?
    thank you,Bonnie

  2. I have edited my story hopefully to fit your format better. Let me know if it’s ok, if not you can use it any way you wish. Thank you and again please let me know what you think. Thanks.

    I saw you staring at my feet earlier Bitch! Do you know what happens when I catch someone staring at my feet Bitch?” HA, HA! You will find out soon enough Bitch, Worship My Feet Footslave! You did not answer me footslave. Come over here now so I can grab you by the hair. You will answer me immediately when spoken to Bitch and address me as your Mistress. You now are my foot slave which makes you my personal property, and I will address you as such. I will direct you again to worship my feet and you better answer quickly and respectfully this time or you will be punished. Worship my Feet, Now, footslave. Good boy, pull my feet over your shoulders. Lean your face down slowly until it gently rests on my beautifully French pedicured toes. Place the palms of your hands gently under my soles and push up firmly to press your face harder against my pretty toes. You belong to me and I will treat you as I wish. Now thank me for allowing you the honor to be my foot slave . You are under the control of my feet. This is what it means to be my Footslave. You will dedicate your life to pleasing me and my feet. Now that you have an idea of how to worship my feet, I will begin training you to worship my feet the way I want you to with more instruction. First of all bitch, come over here and greet me. No, slave, hello Mistress is not a proper greeting. Drop to your knees and beg me to allow you to worship my feet. Good bitch. Now proceed foot slave in worshipping my feet. No slave, you do not grab my foot to remove my shoe. Bow down to the ground and remove my left shoe. Now kiss my left shoe all over and show some passion. Start at the point of the toe on the left shoe. Very nice, now work your way up to the opening. I see you are starting to enjoy this. You will make a good slave. Now turn the shoe on it’s sides and kiss every inch from side to side, both sides. Excellent, now turn the shoe over and lick the bottom. No slave, those licks are too short. Lick from front to back slowly in one motion. Do this until the entire sole is licked clean. Now you are getting it, good slave. Now place my shoe gently on the floor and remove my right shoe. That is very good, you are a fast learner. Oh, excellent, I see I don’t have to repeat the instructions for my right shoe. Wonderful, now lay at my left foot and kiss each of my toes individually, front and back. Oh, that’s a good boy. That feels good. Now bitch, kiss all over the top of my left foot. You can do better than that maggot, act like you really enjoy it. Good slave, that’s more like it. I want to see that type of dedication every time. Now, kiss all over the sole of my left foot. That’s it, very good job foot slave. Now repeat the procedure on the right foot. You did a good job, now I will get into your head and train your mind to understand that you are beneath me in every way and you live to please me. Lay down on the floor face up bitch. Now ask me to step on your face and trample it to remind you that I am your superior and you are beneath me at all times . Oh this is nice, how does that feel maggot! HA,HA, you look like a pathetic little bitch. I can’t hear you slave, your words are muffled. Now speak clearly and tell me how this feels. I’m getting mad bitch, I still can’t understand you. What’s the matter, you can’t speak properly with my feet smashed on your mouth? You pathetic little bitch, you better find a way to function properly under my feet. This is your normal place in society, I will not tolerate a dysfunctional slave! I will trample you until you get it right. Now tell me how it feels. Oh, I knew you could do it. You say you feel helpless? Very good, I am beginning to take control of you. My feet will be the object of all your desires, which will be to serve me as my footslave. Do you feel like I am superior to you? Good boy, of course you do. Now I will step down and I want you to describe your experience? You say you felt pain at first, but in the end felt comfortably numb? Excellent, that is what the result should be. Now how do you feel now? You say you feel the same as before I stopped trampling on your face? Perfect, you feel this way because now you have accepted that you are always beneath me and there is no difference between the physical and mental aspect of such. Good slave, you are progressing well now with your training. Now get down on your knees and grovel at my feet. Good, now what is it you want to do? Yes foot slave, you may proceed with sucking my toes. Suck each of my toes individually clean on both feet. Start with the pinky on the left foot. Now suck my big toe hard. Now suck the toes on my right foot the same way. Oops, I stepped on some dirt. My soles on my right foot got a little dirty. Clean them slave! Very nice job, now massage my feet. That’s it, kiss them as you massage. Oh, you are a good bitch, now thank me for allowing you to serve me. Good, I think you are ready for advanced training.
    Lay down on the floor footslave. Lay on your back with your face under my chair and your legs stretched out in front of you. Good but you didn’t acknowledge me bitch. Now what do you have to say maggot? Great, you will always address me “Yes Mistress” when I speak to you bitch, got it? Now, when I sit in the chair and curl my toes back above your face, I want you to kiss each foot. Ok good, now open your mouth wide footslave . How do my toes feel shoved in your mouth? Good, now that you feel like a weak pathetic foot slave , grab your dick and masturbate for me Bitch. Lay back down bitch, I am not finished with you just because you have finished masturbating. Who the fuck do you think you are bitch. Haven’t you learned anything? You have really pissed me off now bitch. You are my Footslave and you will never attempt to get up from under my feet under any circumstance unless I tell you to. Do you understand? Ok, now you have disrespected me and my feet and I will not tolerate it. I am your owner slave and you obviously do not understand that yet. Now lay there Bitch until I am ready to let you up. As a matter of fact, while I had my feet on the floor, they got dirty again. Clean my feet again footslave. Lick my feet all over and clean them thoroughly. Ha! Ha! You bitch, clean them good footslave. That’s a good job slave, now put my shoes back on me and get up off your ass you little bitch! Ok, training is over for now foot slave. You did ok, but you still have a lot to learn. You are now ready to be my house boy and will finish out your training in my dungeon. Now give me your house key bitch and follow me slave . Drive me to your house. Slave, get your ass out of the car and get up here. I have used my key to unlock your front door for you. That’s all I’m going to do for you bitch. Get in there and grab all the belongings you wish to keep and put them in the car slave. You will no longer be staying here. Your slave quarters are in my dungeon now foot slave. You will spend the rest of your life there serving me. Hurry up and load the car maggot. Ok bitch, you’re moving like a pussy, you have wasted enough of my time. Leave the rest of the shit there, and get your ass back in the car. Now drive back to your slave quarters. Get out of the car bitch. Here is your house key back. What,thank you Mistress? How funny. You must be kidding. Get over here and throw your house key and car keys down the street drain Bitch. As I stated over and over again, you belong to me now and you no longer have any possessions of your own. I have stripped you of everything foot slave and you will be controlled by me from now on.
    Now get your ass into the house. I will escort you to your dungeon. Now get in the dungeon and sit your your ass on the floor you little shit. Spread your arms and legs out wide. Take these chains and shackle your wrists and ankles. Now, you will be chained slave until I feel you are worthy and give me the respect that I deserve. I am not pleased with your attitude yet. You will need more training Bitch! Ha! HA!, Now you see what happens when you stare at the feet of a Dominatrix. Now sit in the darkness of your slave quarters overnight and think about how you will serve me tomorrow slave. Oh, one more thing before I leave you for the night. Lick my pussy maggot. Suck my clit gently. That’s it, suck it harder. Oh that’s nice, good boy slave bitch. Ok slave, let me feel your dick. Very good slave, good and hard. Now shove it in my pussy. Come on slave, push harder. Harder, harder, harder, harder you bitch, push harder. Uh,Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, ahhhh! You did a fine job foot slave. You will do this every night for me and I will not ask for it again either. Now suck up all the juices out of my pussy and get out of my face bitch.

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