Is She For Real?

My new friend Tiffany asked me a question today-how could a real woman enjoy feminizing men? Rather than write her directly and explain, I wanted to share this with anyone who might also be curious.

I am a makeup artist and model which means I love fashion, clothing of all kinds, accessories, and makeup. I am also bisexual which means I no longer had to deal with a typical Female/Male relationship (I did eventually get married and it was a tremendous mistake).

I began helping cross dressers with their clothing and makeup early in my modeling career and I realized that I loved the feeling of power, since basically, finding someone who would not only accept them but help make them pretty was a dream come true.

Later on, I had a friend that needed a place to stay and I thought he would be the perfect roommate. As it turned out that was the understatement of the year!

Michael and I had been friends for a long time. Once he moved in we began to go to movies, dinner, and just hang out almost as if we were dating. One night (this was when I was drinking) we talked about the possibility of becoming closer and I drunkenly blurted out “Actually Michael, the only way I’d have sex with you is if your wore a cute outfit, makeup, and perfume”.

He started stuttering, something I’d never heard him do before, and I made us another drink. He explained, with great difficulty, that that was his dream! And sex didn’t even have to be part of it!

Over the next three months that he lived there we explored every fantasy he’d ever had of cross dressing, forced feminization, and humiliation.

We agreed that we would have a normal relationship during the day until I decided otherwise. When I wanted to play I would say “Oh Michelle” in a teasing, sing-song way and that was his cue. He would answer in a soft, feminine voice and do anything I asked.

First I would play with him at home. I liked to make him look like a slut and would always do his makeup myself rather than teach him. The excitement in his face as I made him blot his freshly painted lips was a tremendous turn on for me. I was now in control of another person completely. I could make him cum just by choosing the right word, phrase, or tone of voice.

Sex was fantastic for me as I used him like a toy. He also was very, very good at eating pussy which was a big plus.

Next came shopping trips complete with him becoming “Michelle” at the store much to the girls amusement. Then the beauty salon, which was a huge fantasy of his. I had arraigned a complete makeover during Halloween week and once he was in the chair made “Michelle” confess that he wanted to be a pretty girl, and that this had nothing to do with Halloween.

Public humiliation, lingerie shows for my friends, loaning him out as a maid to neighbors, chastity devices, and strap-ons became our normal routine until finally he got another job in a different state and had to decide whether or not to take it.

I told him I thought he should since I’d met a woman that I wanted to spend my time with.

Michael did leave that month and we had a three way with him completely dressed as a farewell celebration.

That feeling of power has never left me, and even though I now have sex with women exclusively, I get the same thrill every time I hold up a pair of panties and see them swoon with anticipation knowing that its up to me whether their lifelong dreams and fantasies will cum true this time.



2 thoughts on “Is She For Real?

  1. Is she for real?

    Imagine how incredible forced feminzation role play would be with a dominant partner that actually moistened by exerting her feminine will over you because it actually turned her on.

    Could a women exist that would use my face as a canvas, painting a feminine doll for her alone to control.



    One of the subtle lures of crossdressing besides the feminine feelings and incredible orgasm is the relaxation that this time out of time produces. It is akin to meditation.

    Forced feminization is allways more intense and at it’s best produces incredibly sub space. Unfortunately the “transformation specialist” or dominatrix often would rather being doing other things (getting her nails done, having a cocktail or even grocery shoping). This feeling is hard to define but it’s something like, “I’m purchasing a service, she’s not for real, I’m the only one here with wet panties.” So the reality is often not real enough to allow for true sub space. Yes, better than dressing alone but the heat could be alot hotter!

    To know that the dominant women standing in front of you holding the tube of lipstick to your lips is as thrilled by this power exchange as you are is blindingly erotic.

    To Sartre, “Appearance is the only reality.” When that fine line between role play and reality becomes blured, appearance IS reality and the outcome is transendant.

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