Becoming A Girl

I’ve been reading some feedback about my hypnosis recordings, and it started me wondering about the long-term effects. Are you sure you really want to become a woman? I want you to promise to think this thing through.

What will you do with all your old clothes and shoes?

Are you going to be happy wearing a bikini at the beach?

Do you know how expensive a good bra is?

Are you prepared to be whistled at and hounded by construction workers?

Can you apply mascara while doing 60 on the way to work?

Do you realize how hard it is to bait a hook with long nails?

Do you know which outfits to never wear on a date?

Now I know that for many of you none of these things present a problem. You already have a drawer full of panties, read fashion magazines, and put your makeup on in the car. But for those weekend warriors that come home from the construction site on Friday, and slip into a silky skirt on Saturday, I just want you to be warned. You may find yourself showing up at work in heels one day and walking into the ladies room. If you do, please wear something tasteful. And NO panties with sayings on them!

3 thoughts on “Becoming A Girl

  1. Will I really go that far? I don’t know, but I just know that this makes me feel good every day. I’d be crazy to stop, I don’t want to stop. I suppose where it takes me it will take me.

  2. One Man, and a Mower, I leave the rest up to your imagination. I have cash and like extreme pain and humiliation involving lawn mowing.

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