Cross Dressing in America

I am a Dominatrix specializing in role play, and specifically Forced Feminization. I’ve met people from all walks of life, and every occupation, who fantasize about dressing up as a girl and often being forced to do so. At first I had no idea why so many men have this fantasy, but now I understand it completely.

From my experience and intimate discussions with thousands of cross dressers, I’ve learned not only why they enjoy this fetish, but how to make their dream come true. Some of these people are happily married and only occasionally have these fantasies, while others are completely obsessed with them.

It seems to be mostly about giving up control, and being helpless, if only for a short time. There are as many variations to this fetish as there are panties in my dresser, but there are some common aspects to all of them. One of the most popular themes is to be blackmailed into it, essentially having no choice at all but to be dressed up completely. Once they reluctantly agree, they are dressed in the silkiest lingerie, stockings and heels. Their hair is styled and makeup carefully applied, and they are now mine to use as I please. Another very common aspect of this is humiliation. Most seem to enjoy the embarrassment of the transformation, and like to be teased and laughed at by my friends once completely dressed up.

The most interesting part is that being teased and laughed at is actually the last thing in the world they want to have happen. This took me a long time to really understand. While they go to tremendous lengths to avoid this in their normal life, their fantasy is to be completely abused and emasculated by women, and what better way than to be put in panties!

Once I understood just how this fetish works, I spent a long time perfecting it. Each person has their own limits, and we explore these once trust is established. Many have fantasized for years about being taken to a beauty salon for a makeover, but few are actually willing to go through with it. Others have fantasies about being taken lingerie shopping and have the sales girls know that they are buying for themselves. This is a fun one and I always end up with all new things for myself as they usually chicken out at the last minute.

Once I realized all the little details that go into making their fantasy work for them, I devised ways to make it practical. My favorite is to use Halloween or a costume party as an excuse for them wearing a cute dress and heels in a public place. They can even shave their legs because after all, it’s only for a party!

This past Halloween I did just that. My friend’s fantasy was to be dressed up completely, and taken in for a makeover, but he wanted the girls to know his secret. So after discussing it we came up with a plan. Once in the chair at the beauty salon, I announced to everyone that there really was no party. There never was. He was extremely embarrassed but incredibly excited. This was his dream come true and I wanted to make sure he got everything he wanted.

As they did his makeup and later his nails, I explained to my friends at the salon, (who were all in on this) how he became a sissy. I told them how he used to dress up in his sisters clothes, and later stole things from a neighbors clothesline. All of this was true and we agreed beforehand that I would tell everyone.

The more we teased him the more he enjoyed it. By the end of the day, I had him walking and talking like a lady and he was in heaven!

Now I know this will seem bizarre, twisted, and maybe sick to most readers, but it is one of the most common fetishes around. And in my opinion a very harmless one. If I can help someone enjoy this and stop beating themselves up for it, then it is my pleasure. The worst part of having an unusual fetish is often the guilt that comes with it. Many of these people have been dreaming about being kidnapped by a group of women and feminized for years. Or being turned into a cheerleader. Or a French maid. Or becoming a June Cleaver type housewife and raising two boys while wearing a white dress and pearls. OK, that ones not so easy, but I’m trying to make a point!

Cross Dressing in America

Cross Dressing in America

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