Just Do It!

I saw this picture on my friend Tonya’s new blog and started thinking. It looks like a cheerleader skirt to me, and even if it’s not lets say it is. You can still be a cheerleader even though your school days are over. Do you know my parents wouldn’t let me be a cheerleader when I was in school? They thought it was unladylike to put on a short skirt and dance around in front of boys, do you believe that shit! But here’s my point. All you need is a top and shorts. You can even wear sneakers! And if you really want to have fun with it, you can make up your own cheers. Not the old “Give me a C” thing,  although that has its place. I was thinking of something more like this:

“Ready and go! (you have to say that each time)

I put on panties pink or red,

I dance around right on my bed,

I’m a sissy I don’t care-

I just love girls underwear!”

And it only gets better with practice. By the way, if you have downstairs neighbors you may want to change the part about the bed.

One thought on “Just Do It!

  1. Mistress Teresa, we need a team mascot to cheer for. ‘we want another one just like the other one… gooooo… bralettes! or teddies! or tappants! omg, that’s pretty bad. oh well.

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