Help Princess get a makeover!

I can use some help finishing this story. I’ve written the beginning, and decided on the dresses he has tried on, and the one he will wear to the beauty salon. I even have an outline for the rest. If anyone would like to help, feel free to send me your ideas. I’ll be happy to give you a copy of the finished MP3.

The story so far: Caught In Panties Redux

The Outline for the ending:

  • I help Princess finish getting dressed, an we stop at his house for his wallet.
  • We walk into the salon and explain why he’s there.
  • The girls think I should still call the police.
  • Princess begs us not to, and confesses he wants to be a girl
  • We decide to grant him his wish, completely!
  • I think her dress should be taken off, so as not to get ruined.
  • Once in the chair, with his cape on, we look through a hairstyle book to choose a new style and color.
  • The decision is made. A curly perm and a new color (blonde or red).
  • Eyebrows will be waxed, hair finished, a full makeover, manicure, and pedicure.
  • At some point Princess will cum in her panties in front of everyone, possibly during her ear piercing.

One thought on “Help Princess get a makeover!

  1. hi Teresa

    i just love the story so far!

    it seems like You have everything in place up to nearly the end. but the sissy looks so pretty now, maybe he needs to be told he is about to go on a date, or maybe service You and your boyfriend during your love making. that’s what sissy’s are good for.

    cuming in his panties is a great idea in this story! i know that’s what i would do if something like this ever happened to me. but maybe the girls should milk him with a dildo instead – so that he stays horny but won’t cum unexpectedly before completing his task of pleasing You.

    it just seems a waste to have the little sissy walk away from the beauty salon and not accomplish anything useful for You

    looking forward to hearing the final version!

    your sissy


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