50 Dresses that changed the world-part 1

I was in Borders the other day before the snowstorm, and saw a book by that title. It looked really interesting but I bought something else and had to run (Riding in the Zone if you must know).

I thought it would be fun to give you the rundown on the most popular dresses, and an example.

Lets start with the gown style of dress:

This kind of dress is typically fitted or tighter at the bodice and flows outward. Meant for wear at formal occasions, the gown may be simple in design or include lavish embellishments such as sequins, embroidery, feathers or other detailing. It may be worn as a wedding dress or for other dressy occasions, such as a black-tie party, ball, gala, prom or other formal gathering.

Gowns can come in different lengths, such as tea-length, which sits right at or below the knee or floor-length, which trails along the ground. They may also come in different waist or skirt styles. For instance, the empire waist sits right below the bust, then hangs straight down in the skirt, or flares slightly to the ground. Gowns vary in their neckline styles as well, flattering the face of the wearer. There is the sweetheart neckline, which resembles the top portion of a heart, and then there are squared necklines which frames the face in a simple, straight line. Some necklines are low-cut and daring, while others are sweet and demure like with the Peter Pan collar. Because of the amount of work involved in making a gown, these may be an investment as they tend to cost more than most dresses, due to the fabrics involved and the necessity of a fitting tailoring for the wearer.

And this is a Fitted Sequin Halter Gown, just the kind of thing you want to wear when shoveling snow, grocery shopping, or changing the oil in your car.

Fitted Sequin Halter Gown

Fitted Sequin Halter Gown

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