Dressing for pleasure-The Shirt Dress

Popular in the 1950s, the shirt dress is just like its name sake. Made of a button-down front and sleeves and shirt collar, these kinds of dresses resemble a tailored shirt. A modest and more causal style of dress, it falls right at or slightly below the knee, with either a full or straight skirt below the waist.

Shirt dresses have a lot going for them. They can easily go from one season to the next with a simple change of footwear and possibly the addition of a sweater, and they can be worn casually or glammed up. And, the right shirt dress can be very flattering.

There are a few things that you should watch for. First and most important, your shirt dress should not gap in the front, nor should it show your bra when you move around. If it does, it’s either the wrong size or a bad cut for you. Some styles will let you get away with a cami underneath for modesty, but ideally, you want one that fits your chest. Additionally, make sure the sleeves fit your arms properly (not too tight) and that the skirt flows out around your hips. If anything is tight, jump up a size.

Don’t forget to accessorize. Simple jewelry adds the perfect touch to a shirt dress. Polished pieces add just the right amount of interest without appearing overdone. Bangles or cuffs and long necklaces are the ultimate shirt dress accessories, especially for denim shirt dresses. Chandelier earrings can also add a nice touch.

This is an extremely expensive example. Its a Roberto Cavalli Floral Print Satin Shirt dress. There are plenty of others to choose from in hundreds of different colors and styles for about a thousand dollars less!

A good choice for casual Fridays at the office, an interview with your new Dominatrix, or a Tupperware party.

Roberto Cavalli Floral Print Satin Shirtdress

Roberto Cavalli Floral Print Satin Shirtdress

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