Dressing for pleasure-The Sheath Dress

Elegant, feminine and practical, the sheath dress is defined by a figure-hugging silhouette with a well-defined waist, that usually is cut mid-calf or shorter. Sheath dresses may be designed with or without sleeves, and are typically most flattering on toned, hour-glass figures.

Some fashion experts suggest that the sheath should only be worn by women with perfect figures, but actually the reverse is true. A figure-fitting dress tends to be a great choice for women with a little more curve, since it accentuates the female lines, promoting a very feminine look. Whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, sheath dresses may just be the most flattering look, provided they fit properly.

The highlight of this simple dress style is its well-defined waist; further cinching the waist of a sheath dress with a thick belt accentuates the style’s feminine appeal. And the sheath dress’ strong silhouette makes a brilliant base for layering cute cardigan sweaters and slim-fitting blazers.

For a softer substitute to a structured blazer, and as an exercise in smart layering, go ahead and wear a longer cashmere cardigan sweater over your sheath dress (with the buttons between your breastbone and belly button fastened) and cinch it all with a wide belt.

Now, for all you boys and girls that are sitting around watching TV and drinking a case of beer, don’t be afraid. This is a great incentive to go on a diet.

This is a Ruched Stretch Tulle Sheath Dress, perfect for climbing trees, kick boxing, happy hour, or just standing on the corner at midnight. Once again I chose an example that was sexy and very, very expensive. There are great bargains at your local mall.

D&G Ruched Stretch Tulle Sheath Dress

D&G Ruched Stretch Tulle Sheath Dress

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