Dressing for pleasure-The Sun Dress

A sundress is an informal dress of any shape in a lightweight fabric, most commonly cotton, intended for summer wear. The dress is intended to be worn without a layering top, and the design must therefore cut a balance between modesty and allowing sun exposure. Lilly Pulitzer popularized the sundress in the 1960s.

The sundress provides a feminine look that may be lighter and more comfortable than a skirt and blouse, or another sort of dress. Modern styles can feature very low necklines and short hemlines, but more modest lengths and a variety of patterns are also widely available.

The newest ones include apron looks, embroidered bias cut slips, and full-skirted numbers in pastel cotton twill and more. Cotton is very modest in women’s sun dresses because it allows your body to breathe, yet it is still a very sexy, (but can be a less revealing) look. In the city, women even wear women’s sun dresses to work. So, we know that men prefer women’s sun dresses for their attractive appeal, and designers as well as women also know the practical side of women’s sun dresses.

This is a pleat detail, strappy sun dress from ASOS. Its only $8.62! Of course its out of stock, but its a great example.

You want to wear this without panties at all times. Its cool and guys seem to like that. This baby is mainly used for power washing trucks, and cement work, but feel free to wear it anywhere!

ASOS Pleat Detail Strappy Sun Dress

ASOS Pleat Detail Strappy Sun Dress

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