Role Reversal

Sometimes its good to look at things from a different perspective. Lets take a hypothetical conversation between a man and his wife. Donna, a 35 year old housewife has a fantasy about dressing up as a man, and tries to explain it to her husband John. They are both lying in bed on Sunday morning reading the newspapers.

D: “Speaking of role reversal, sometimes I think about dressing up in your clothes.”

J: “What, Who was talking about that?”

D: “Well, now that you’ve brought it up, I’d like to try it later today.

J: “You mean like role-play? Because I’m not wearing your clothes.”

D: No silly, I want to dress up as a man, and pretend to be a guy. I’ll walk and talk like one, and then you can fuck me from behind.”

J: “You’re kidding right? When did you get this idea?”

D: “About 20 years ago. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but I was afraid of telling you.”

J: OK nut job, tell me your whole twisted, I mean creative fantasy.”

D: “Alright, here it is in a nutshell.

I come out of the shower and you start bitching at me for not being sexy. You tell me that maybe I want to be a man, the way I stopped wearing makeup and doing my nails and stuff. I stutter and say: No John, anything but that! You insist that’s what I need, and go to your dresser and pull out a pair of your cotton briefs. I stutter and say: OK, maybe just this once.

You notice how excited I’m getting and you have me sit on the bed, then you pull out a t-shirt, white sweat socks, and a pair of your jeans. You throw them at me and say: PUT THESE ON NOW!

While I’m getting dressed you get your dirty work boots and a cap, and tell me to put these on as well. Once I’m all dressed you drag me into the bathroom in front of the mirror. LOOK AT YOURSELF! you say, and you hand me your aftershave to put on my face. NOW THAT YOU SMELL LIKE A MAN- I WANT YOU TO ACT LIKE ONE you scream!”

J: “You really seem to have put some thought into this Donna. So this is actually a turn on for you?”

D: Oh GOD Yes! And I want you to call me Don. Maybe we can take a ride to Home Depot. Buy some tools or something. What do you think?”

J: “When do I get to fuck you from behind?”

D: “Right after you spank me for being a bad boy.”

J: “Let do it tomorrow. I have a headache. This seems very complicated, are you going to write all this down for me or what?”

D: “Sure I can do that. Oh and one more thing. You have to say: You’re such a bad boy over and over while you’re spanking me, OK?

J: Yea, whatever. This is really weird Donna, lets not make this a weekly thing.

D: No honey, just this once, I promise….

One thought on “Role Reversal

  1. Wow, fabulous. You verbalized a long-held fantasy of mine.
    The office I work at requires neck-ties for men. Lately a woman working there has been wearing a mens’ shirt and tie several times a week as a joke, to “fit in”, since the office has mostly men. (She looks great.)
    Now if only she’d intuit my fem potential and flirt–maybe ask for my phone number (wink!) Or maybe I should leave some pics on my phone for her to accidently get a glimpse of–I’m stunning in a slit gown and heels.

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