Thats not a guy!

Some of you have commented that several of the pictures I post are not men dressed up but real women. I’ve thought long and hard about a response to this and here it is:


First of all, the pictures people have shared with me and ones I’ve taken of friends are private and will remain that way.

Second of all, to be honest not all guys look gorgeous in a dress and makeup. There-I said it. Often I’ll put up a picture that’s a representation of a particular fetish. I want to inspire you and make you feel good about your fantasy. If its to be taken to a beauty salon for a makeover, I may show a beautiful woman getting her hair done rather than a guy having his back hair shaved (Joy).

You want to see a very sexy boy all prettied up? This is my friend (hopefully) Plastic Martyr. He is a 20 year old male model living in Beverly Hills, California.

From his Model Mayhem page:  “I am male, but obviously do not look it. I am a rare breed to say the least, I believe that gender and fashion should have NO boundaries.”

And this is one of my favorite pictures. You can see more at: and

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