Hair Salon daydreams

Do you ever find yourself at the hair salon, trying to sneak a peek at those beautiful hairdressing books? Or maybe you watch with envy as a young woman gets a perm.

When your stylist asks how you’d like it today, do you just say “The Usual”?

Maybe, as she does your 15 minute haircut, you drift off into your own favorite fantasy, the one where you get a TOTAL transformation and become a gorgeous, sexy, woman!

It can be a lot easier than you think. There are transformation salons in more places now than ever before. The prices are reasonable, they understand you completely, and they even take pictures! How cool is that!

There are at least 2 of these places on my resources page under Makeup and Hair, 1 in New Jersey and the other on Long Island. Go for it Boys!

Hair Salon daydreams

Hair Salon daydreams

The Makeover

The Makeover

And A Manicure!

And A Manicure!

One thought on “Hair Salon daydreams

  1. I’ve grown my hair out to shoulder length and have ‘allowed’ the girl at the local salon to do ‘whatever she wants’ with my hair each time I go. She loves being able to do up-do’s and whatnot on me, giggling to see how far she can go. Sometimes the gals will get together before i arrive and go through those style books and have fun choosing my latest style. If only they knew that after I get home I put on a pretty dress….

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