Go to the mirror boy!

The height of many crossdressing and forced feminization fantasies is the makeup.

Although you’ve probably been wearing all types of clothing for years, its not likely that you’ve been wearing makeup. For one thing its not an easy process and you may not have the time or skill to perfect it. For another, its not easy to quickly remove in the case of an unexpected visitor, wife, girlfriend, or vacuum cleaner salesman.

Having your makeup carefully and lovingly applied by a woman can be a very sensual and erotic experience. This is what I like to do.

Regardless of the outfit I’ve chosen for you, I have you wear only panties and a nightgown. Lets say a pair of black, lace, boy shorts and a very feminine, baby doll nightie.

You sit in a chair opposite me and I slowly and meticulously go through every step of the makeup process, explaining each one in detail.


You watch intensely as I take out each item, you feel the makeup on your skin, you want to squeal with delight as you see me finally opening the lipstick.

Blotting your lips with a tissue, you look at it in disbelief. Its really happening, you’re being transformed into a beautiful women, and your makeup is perfect.

But we’re not there yet.

Now its time for your wig. A change of hairstyle is always dramatic, and in your case the long, blonde, wig is going to complete the transformation.

Brushing it out I see your eyes light up like a child at Christmas.

“How do you feel?” I’ll ask. “Do you feel pretty?”

Most of the time all you’ll be able to do is giggle or stutter and smile, and I know its time.

I lead you to the full length mirror, holding your trembling hand.

As you finally see yourself, you feel a bit dizzy. Is it you? Is this person in the mirror with the long eyelashes, blush, lipstick, and long, blonde, hair really you?

Well, is it?

Crossdressing Fantasies

Crossdressing Fantasies

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