The wet,sticky trail…

Surf's Up

Surf’s Up

Its a rainy Saturday and you’re home all alone for a few hours. So of course you surf the web for porn. In your case it might be a lingerie site, whatever makes you happy.

You read a few erotic stories, maybe listen to some MP3’s, and check out a new bridal site.

Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

All of a sudden there it is! The PERFECT outfit that you’ve been dreaming about all your life!

Suddenly your hand goes into your pants and you think about how great you would look in it. How wonderful it would feel on your smooth skin, how incredibly sexy you would be in that…

It becums too much for you and before you know it the keyboard is covered in your excitement.

Its all white

Its all white

Fortunately you have a white one and clean it up, forgetting for a moment that you left that page up of Bridal outfits and accessories.

But its OK, the wife won’t be home for hours, or so you thought!

You hear her come in saying lovingly; “Hi honey, I’m home.”

Panicking, you close all the windows on your computer and plan on clearing the history later.



While you’re putting away the groceries she bought and checking for Cheetos, she goes inside to take a fast peek at her email. Opening up Internet Explorer she wants to check the price of cheese that was advertised, wondering if she was overcharged.

OH-OH…. The menu drops down and what does she see? A search for modern bride, several crossdressing sites, and a toy store that sells inflatable butt plugs!


She doesn’t waste a minute and calls her Mother. You walk in and see the adorable outfit on the screen in high resolution, full color and freeze.

One look tells you its trouble, big trouble. Is there any way to explain this now? Not really. If only you had cleared your history.

OK, this is a hypothetical case, and you don’t have to worry about this because you use Firefox, right? You can set Firefox to clear all cookies and history automatically every time you close the browser. If you want to save passwords you can check that box and it will clear everything else. Amazing isn’t it?

Lets say you use Internet Explorer, just click on delete browsing history when you’re finished. Same thing for saved passwords.

Two tips. Don’t bookmark any websites you don’t want to see seen by your significant other.  And don’t forget to clear the Google toolbar history if you have one.

So you got away with it this time and all is right with your little world.

Be smart, be sneaky, and remember: Life is short-Wear heels!

Smug aren't you?

Smug aren’t you?

One thought on “The wet,sticky trail…

  1. Google Chrome also has an ‘Incognito’ browsing mode that does not save cookies or history… they claim that it is for “planing surprises like gifts or birthdays”. 😛

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