Me and my DR 650

So I’ve put on about 5000 miles since March, and have learned a few more things.

1-Helmets mess up your hair. Yes, its true.  But I have a choice between helmet hair and a possible loss of my head completely so I’m wearing my helmet at all times.

2-Its very, very, cool to pull up at a coffee shop, bookstore, or supermarket in biker gear. I slowly get off my bike, take off my shades and helmet and shake my hair out. Then, putting the shades back on I strut into the place like a badass!

3-You meet the nicest people on a Honda (Suzuki in this case). Between all the bikers that wave to me on the road and the ones I talk to in person they are all normal, cheerful, friendly people that share this sport. The only strange people that I’ve met are in cars or lurking at the gas station looking for change or semi used gum.

4-Its very hot riding in a motorcycle jacket, boots, and gloves. True again as you’d expect. I did buy a cooling vest that I soak with cold water and wear over a T-shirt.  It really helps when the air passes through the mesh jacket and no, my nipples no longer get hard. If its too hot to ride in my gear I’ll use the car or go swimming.

5-Riding at night is dangerous. To be honest I don’t ride at night so I can’t give you proof, but between animals, potholes, and crap in the road that I’d never see until the last second I quit by sunset of a little after.

6-Biker Gangs are everywhere and will find you and kill you, then rape you. OK,  it sounds stupid but in the beginning I was worried when I saw groups of bikers on Harleys. I’d picture scenes from biker movies where they get the girl alone and then have their way with her. So far it hasn’t been a problem but I do have a backup plan if I get in trouble. I wish I could remember it…

7-Motorcycles are dangerous. DUH! You are totally unprotected and on 2 wheels instead of 4.  A panic stop, a car cutting you off, a patch of oil on the road, or a hundred other dangers that are not a big deal for a car, can easily be fatal to me.

Why do I ride a motorcycle? Because I can. Any questions?

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