Back to School

Being the only boy at an all girl school, Michael was teased unmercifully. Everyone knew he was a sissy, and they spent each day tormenting him in various ways.

He was called Michelle by the entire school including the teachers.

They made him wear high, open toe heels, and insisted his toenails were painted bright red to match his lipstick.

At lunch they played with his hair and experimented with different types of makeup.

They looked at women’s magazines together and made him pick the hottest guys, and confess how he would like to have sex with each one.

When he came to school in the morning, he had to walk across the cafeteria in his tight blouse, short skirt, and heels, listening to the catcalls of the entire class.

He was humiliated, embarrassed, and feminized. And he loved every second of it!

Crossdressing Digest Back to School Issue

Crossdressing Digest Back to School Issue

One thought on “Back to School

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