Halloween in Panties! Part-1

OK, I’m gonna start with something simple to give you ideas for the upcoming holiday. I know you want to dress up this Halloween and I’d like to encourage you to do this and have a ball!

Whether its your first time or just another day in a dress, I have some fun suggestions.

How about this: You’ve been dying to go shopping for lingerie, dresses, blouses, and skirts right? So since its Halloween, the one time of the year when its totally cool to dress as a girl in public, you combine the two hobbies.

You start with a pair of jeans and a sport shirt. Simple right? But underneath you have on the prettiest panties, and stockings or pantyhose.

A bra in whatever size you feel up to that day, filled with either breast forms or a suitable substitute. And heels or boots that you’ve finally found in your size.

Now, you can put on a light jacket to cover up your breasts, and a pair on sneakers to drive to the mall. You wave to your neighbor Big Bob and ask him about the football game. He doesn’t have a clue!

You find an empty parking spot somewhere in the far end of the lot and the fun begins. Put something nice on the radio, maybe I Feel Pretty.

Now, you break out your makeup kit and go to work. You really don’t have to get crazy and try to look perfect, its not like your applying for a job at Victoria’s Secret.

Just something to smooth out your face like Cover Girl liquid foundation, some eye makeup, a bit of blush, and of course lipstick.

Put on that sexy new wig you’ve been saving and you’re good to go!

Change into your heels, take off the jacket, and strut into the mall like you do it every day.

I know, you’re making excuses already.

Practicing your makeup at home will make you feel more confident and give you the skill you need for the 5 minute fix in the car.

Try on the outfit, walk around and get comfortable in that too while you’re at it.

Remember, this holiday is not a one day only affair. Events go on for a week or so before and after Halloween. People dress up at office parties on a Friday whether its the 31st or not, and the bars and clubs are hopping.  (Its on a Sunday this year which makes it perfect to play all weekend!)

This is just something I think you might enjoy, I’ll be posting costume ideas for those who want to really do Halloween right this time. In panties of course!

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

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