Halloween in Panties! Part-2

Lets talk makeup.

Now I know that this is a biggie for you as well as a possible problem. Sure, it was easy to try on a pair of panties that were just lying around. And then pantyhose, nightgowns, bras, slips, blouses, dresses, and skirts. But I’ll bet it wasn’t so easy to try on makeup!

First of all its hard to get off when an unexpected guest, sister, or wife comes home. And then there’s the fact that you really haven’t got a clue as to how to use it.

OK, maybe a clue.

Women were taught the proper application of makeup by their Mothers, Sisters, and friends. And then we spent years playing with it and perfecting the technique. YEARS!

I had friends who would sit down and spend hours at a time staring at themselves in a mirror at the kitchen table and trying on different colors of everything. Constantly!

Then factor in the morning ritual we go through every-single-day. It gets to the point that we don’t want to leave the house without a minimum amount of war paint on, even to get the mail.

That’s why I suggested getting professional help. It doesn’t have to be from a trained makeup artist like myself but almost any woman can help make you beautiful. Although a makeup artist that will help you is worth her weight in gold.

I think you should also consider what I said about going to a beauty salon just for this occasion. Of course you can go anytime you like, but around Halloween you can simply walk right in and get a complete makeover, with very little muss and fuss from the girls.

Here’s a secret, many women love to dress boys up as girls. Really!

Now I’m not talking about a kinky fetish type makeover, especially if you surprise your wife or girlfriend with it. But simply delighting in your embarrassment as we line your eyes, apply mascara, and watch you blot your lips after a nice coat of bright, red, lipstick.

After this post I’m going to assume that you are either getting makeup help or going to a professional. If you are talented enough to do it yourself that’s fantastic. If not, phone a friend.

If you’ve never done this before I think you’ll be blown away by just how great you will look if you do it right.

Now lets talk costumes…

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