Halloween in Panties! Part-4

So now lets get serious. This idea is going to take some time, effort, and money, but I think it will be a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

You’re going to dress up as a bride.

Almost every woman dreams of the time when she’ll finally get to wear that fantastic bridal gown. Its the essence of femininity and is reinforced by the gorgeous lingerie, stockings, heels, hairstyle, and makeup.

Did you know that they rent wedding gowns for the day? Its true. So many women spent a fortune on one and it ends up in a box in the attic.

Other places to find them is at garage sales, in the newspaper or Craigslist, or maybe a costume rental store.

They come in different styles and colors and you can get one in just your size. Remember, they realize that you’re not really a bride, as well as the fact that you’re not really a woman, but its Halloween and anything goes.

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

There are many great benefits of this outfit that you may not have thought of, yet.

The lingerie: You can wear a corset which will help hold everything in and shape your figure.

The accessories: Classy, long, silky, white gloves. A sexy garter which will be taken off and thrown to your friends. And of course the veil!

The makeup: Since you’ll probably be wearing white, you should take off the gown while you’re getting your makeup and hair done. The girls at the salon will love it!

They’ll treat you like a real bride and make you as pretty as possible for your special day. Plus there are usually bridal magazines there so you can pick up some tips while they give you a pedicure.

The hair: Now you can finally wear that special updo you’ve always loved.

Pictures: Before the big party, night at the club, or fetish event, you should stop and take pictures. I’m sure you know those special places where the bridal photographers shoot a set before a wedding. You’ll probably draw a crowd so just act natural.

One last thing. If you happen to meet that special someone and he proposes, don’t say yes right away. When you wake up in the morning with your potential partner for life, make him stand in the sunlight. Take a good look. Ask him again what he really does for a living. Does he smell good? How are his teeth?

And do you even remember any of the night before? If not, politely excuse yourself and run like hell!

Halloween in Panties

Halloween in Panties

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