Halloween in Panties! Part-5

You’ve decided that you are definitely going to dress up as a girl this Halloween, congratulations! Now the question is which dress.

There are several factors you should consider, but the most important one is to wear something you feel comfortable in. I’m not talking about physical comfort, because then you would wear sweatpants and a T-shirt. What I mean is, can you pull this look off and enjoy yourself in the outfit that you choose.

The Mirror

The Mirror

As you look into your full length mirror, ask yourself how you want to appear to your friends at the party, the boys at the bar, or the girls at the office.

Do you want to be the modern working woman in a business suit?

Maybe a party girl in a cocktail dress is more your style.

If you end up getting a costume rather than a store bought dress, do you have all the accessories?

And heels! Your heels have to be right for the outfit.

Virgin White

Virgin White

Lets start with a simple, short, white dress. This is pretty isn’t it? Are you prepared to shave completely so that your back, arms, and legs will be smooth and silky?

Are you ready to wear something this short or are you worried about it getting hard to walk later in the day?

These are things you should think about so you can concentrate on having a ball at the ball.

Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty

Here’s another very pretty white dress, but this one is a bit more classy and a little longer.

Its also tight so you may want to plan on wearing some kind of body shaper underneath, unless you’ve been working out and laying off the McDonald’s.



Now lets gets fancy! This pink beauty has thin straps, is longer, and will show off your beautiful legs.

You’re going to get a lot of attention in this, so remember to be polite when a cute guy asks for your phone number.

Let him write his down and put it in your purse, later you can decide whether to throw it out or not.

Even if you have no intention of ever calling, smile and say thank you as he hands it to you and squeezes your hand.

If you want to get rid of him make an excuse such as;  “I have to go powder my nose”, then give him a cute wave. If he becomes a pest after you are being so nice feel free to get angry.

You want to do this in stages. Don’t just scream:  “FUCK OFF SCUMBAG!” A lady does not do that. Unless you’re Snooki.



Have you thought about how you’ll fill your bra, and what size you want to be? Its easy to say that you want huge, firm, breasts, but that doesn’t always look good in a very tight dress.

Just as with makeup sometimes less is more. Hopefully you’ve been experimenting and your boobs are ready and waiting!

There are so many styles and types of dresses that you may want to try something new for you. Such as a strapless dress or gown.

If it fits right it won’t fall down, as much as you think it might. You can also try adhesive fashion tape. All girls worry about this, especially at their prom when they go strapless for the first time.

Get some advice from your dress shop or friends, and take a chance. If you’re really the worrying type bring a second dress in case it becomes too stressful.



Whatever outfit you finally decide on, there are a few more things to remember. Be subtle. This goes for hair, makeup, heels, and perfume. Especially perfume! Real women spend a lot of time getting their look just right.

There are also different looks for day and evening, but since this is Halloween some of this advice is not as important. For example, if you’re going as a hooker or just the average slut, go to town with your eye makeup and feel free to smell like a whorehouse.

Jewelery and accessories such as belts, scarves, and cute handbags are important in both cases.

You’ll just need a bigger bag for phone numbers if you do your homework and get all this right!

I don’t want to scare you or lead you to believe this is more complicated than it is. Put on your favorite lingerie. Pick an outfit and go have fun.

And remember, you can always ask me for help, but don’t expect me to come over. Halloween is my busy season!



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