Halloween in Panties! Part-6

The Entrance.

So you’ve finally done it. You found the perfect dress, bought a wig, and had your makeup done by a friend. Plans have been made and you’re looking forward to the best Halloween you’ve ever had!

I have one more suggestion to help make this a memorable night for both you and everyone else at the square dance, parade, costume ball, or bar contest.

Its simple and easy, but I’ll bet you’ve never thought of it. Its a jacket.

A jacket you say? How can a jacket help make this night even better? Oh its not just about the jacket, its about taking it off!

There you are dressed to kill. You have on the softest, silkiest, panties and bra you could find.

Your breasts are just the right size, and make you look like a real woman.

You’ve taken the time to shave, you’re wearing silk stockings, a garter belt, and killer heels.

A friend helped you with your makeup, and you look and feel like a movie star!

Holding your pretty, little clutch, you walk in and the crowd takes a look. They can’t believe it! Is this really Johnny from shipping? Look at his hair, his makeup, his legs!

So far so good. But after all the time and effort you put in you really want to blow them away.

You smile and put down your bag. The faint smell of your perfume drifts into the room and you are now the center of attention.

Slowly, very slowly you unbuckle your jacket. Several guys offer to help you but you casually shake your head no.

There are five buttons to undo before they see the new you. As you gently open each one, more and more of your fabulous dress is revealed.

They first notice your cleavage, a gasp is heard.

Your black bra can be seen through the sheer fabric and someone drops a drink.

As you continue the crowd grows silent and all eyes are on you.

Undoing the final button you open the jacket to show off the sexiest dress they’ve ever seen.

Still smiling confidently, you take it completely off and hands reach out to help.

Another drink falls and a glass breaks. The very attractive guy in the brown sport jacket you saw when you walked in has fainted. Men are drooling without realizing it and wipe their mouth unconsciously. Women are giving you dirty looks and grinding their teeth.

Success! Now the party can begin…

Halloween in Panties!

Halloween in Panties!

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