Get some help

Whats the difference between you trying on some clothes and makeup, and a real woman helping you every step of the way? Simple. She knows exactly what she’s doing!

She knows all about which outfit looks best, how to properly apply makeup, and accessorizing. Chances are that with her help you can be prettier than you ever dreamed possible. All you have to do is ask.

Whats that, you’ve already asked and she flipped out? OK, but I’m talking about Halloween here. This is completely different.

Its not a fetish, or anything weird, its just a costume you need help with. (so you will say)

I know at first it may seem crazy, and you’re sure she’ll say no, but I really recommend trying to find someone to help you on this special day.

A friend at work, a new friend you discuss this with while you’re getting your next haircut, or your sister.

Have you ever considered asking your sister? I’ll bet she’d love to help you dress up as completely as you want. And maybe, just maybe, she already has an idea about your fondness for women’s clothes.

Don’t have a sister? Ask a friends sister.

What do you have to lose!

Jay's dream comes true

Jay’s dream comes true

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