Steve wasn’t like the other boys…

Steve wasn’t like the other boys at all. He liked to wear panties and pretend he was a girl

At first it was incredibly exciting, and although he felt he shouldn’t be doing it, he loved to try on panties and bras (not his). He loved the silky fabric and pretty colors, and although he had no idea why he was so attracted to them, he couldn’t help it.

As time went by he decided it was wrong. He began to worry that his friends and family would find out his secret, but he still couldn’t stop.

He began having fantasies of being dressed up as a girl, often against his will. It was all very confusing to Steve. He was attracted to the girls at school, but he also dreamed of them feminizing him completely in all kinds of different ways.

Sometimes in his fantasy, they would set a trap for him, and turn him into a cheerleader. He loved that one!

Another favorite was about his beautiful neighbor Donna. He would break into her house and try on all her clothes. She would come home and catch him and threaten to tell everyone. Of course that would be a disaster, so he would plead with her and offer to do whatever she asked to avoid that. After much thought, she decided that to teach him a lesson, he would have to agree to let her dress him up completely, to understand what it was like to be a girl.

Donna was a beautician at a local salon. While Steve figured she would simply have him put on a dress and play with his hair a bit, she had other ideas. She would dress him up from head to toe. Soft, feminine, lingerie, stockings, a bright red dress, heels, and a purse were just the beginning! Then they were off to her salon for a new hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, makeup, and pierced ears.

The complete submission and helplessness were only part of the attraction for him. He wanted to be embarrassed. Actually, he wanted to be humiliated, and stripped of all manhood and dignity (as much as was left after being caught in panties).

The more the girls would tease and feminize him, the more excited he would become, until he would finally cum.

Steve went through periods of buying women’s clothes, wearing them for a while, then throwing them away. He would fight it, but the desire to be forcibly feminized never went away. He became very anxious and depressed and started drinking all alone after work.

Sometimes he would wake up in panties and a nightgown in the morning and not remember putting them on. He started calling in sick and soon got fired. Maybe he needed professional help, he thought.

Maybe, he needed me!

Steve wasn't like the other boys...

Steve wasn’t like the other boys…

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