In your sisters clothes

I wonder just how many of you wore your sisters clothes. Do you think she knew? Did she have pretty things? Did she ever catch you?

I know that so many sissies and crossdressers fantasize about being caught. Its fascinating really, because the last thing you really want is to be caught and exposed to all your friends and family. And of course all the girls at school!

A very common “getting caught” fantasy goes like this:

You’re home alone and think you have the house to yourself. You go into your sisters room and put on her panties. They feel fantastic don’t they?

Since you’re already there, you decide to try on a bra too, just too see how it looks with your panties. It looks great!

Now the only logical thing to do from here is try on a dress. Standing there in her lingerie with your own clothes on her bed, you browse through the closet for just the right one.

Suddenly your sister walks in, all wound up from cheerleading practice with two of her girlfriends.


She’s mad but also amused, and her girlfriends are hysterical seeing you like this. One of them (her name is Susan and she is gorgeous), grabs your clothes and blocks the door. You’re standing there in panties and a bra and despite the embarrassment you are very excited.

“We’re gonna tell EVERYONE!” Susan announces with joy.

“It looks like he really likes wearing panties! Maybe he wants some help being a girl” Your sister says with a twinkle in her eye.

You beg and plead with them to keep this a secret.

“Please-Please-Please don’t tell anyone-I’ll be ruined!” you say as your hard-on gets harder.

“I have an idea…” says Susan.

Well, you know the rest. The three girls do their best to feminize you completely, everything from full makeup to nail polish and perfume.

There’s nothing you can do except surrender to them and they understand that. The more they watch you squirm the more things they do to you. Stockings, heels, bracelets, and a purse are now yours.

Next are lessons in becoming more feminine. Walking, sitting, and talking like a proper girl are given with pleasure. They are getting revenge on every boy that has ever hurt their feelings by taking it out on you.

You are embarrassed.

You are ashamed.

You are humiliated.

You are helpless.

You are in heaven!



One thought on “In your sisters clothes

  1. Yep, count me in as one who wore my sisters’ clothes. They’re both older than me. When I was a teen I’d put on their bikini bottoms and sometimes their panties. I’d also slip a shoe onto my cock occasionally. The coolest event was when my cousin gave us a bunch of clothes that no longer fit her. They didn’t fit my sisters, so most were given to the Good Will. The exception was a pair of white jeans and a matching jacket. They fit me perfectly so my mom and sisters said I could have them. Yummy!

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