Dog day afternoon

I was riding around yesterday enjoying a beautiful, fall afternoon. I stopped to take pictures of several really cool roads and trails I was on, as well as some horses.

Towards the end of my ride I pulled into a driveway and parked my bike in front of a pond filled with geese (or ducks).

I took 1 picture and all of a sudden 3 dogs came charging out barking like crazy! What could I do? The bike was parked in the wrong direction to hop on and leave so I figured I’d act tough and talk doggie talk.

“Hi boys, I’m just taking a picture. Good boy, good boy.”

Their tails were wagging but they were barking and getting very close. The mean looking one actually sniffed my butt, then decided I was OK I guess cause they happily went back to wherever they came from.

I decided I had enough fun for the morning and headed back.

It was getting very windy and a bit hard to stay on the road. After leaving a stoplight the bike started weaving and I pulled over. My first flat.

No big deal, I had Progressive Trip Interruption and was not far from my usual shop. It all went very smooth and soon a large flatbed truck was there.

“OK Ma’am, just push it onto the bed and I’ll raise it up” said the guy like it was nothing.

“You’re kidding?” I said realizing I would rather do it then take a chance on him dropping it.

I got it on pretty easily and held it while he strapped it down (no silk). Then I drove with him to the shop planning to take a cab home.

My mechanic was there waiting for me and soon found a small screw in the back tire. He said it could be easily patched but not today. But the good news was that he was leaving early and would take me home.


Now I’m waiting until after lunch to pick it up and I ordered a new tire to be put on in a couple of weeks. All in all this little disaster was a very good learning experience and not very expensive at all.

Note to self: next time bring Milkbones.

First Flat

First Flat

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