What do women really think of your crossdressing fantasies?

The majority of women think its strange. Yes, its true. But is it really that strange? Lets explore this further shall we?

Maybe your idea of a perfect day off is to slip into some silky lingerie and a dress, paint your nails, and read a hairstyle magazine.

Is that strange? Absolutely not!

Perhaps you dream of being caught by your beautiful neighbor while you’re prancing around in her panties. She wants to teach you a lesson that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So if dressing up as a girl is what you want-so be it.
You are shaved, perfumed, put into the sexiest lingerie you’ve ever seen, forced into a very tight dress, and taken to her beauty salon for makeup, a manicure, and a pedicure. Once completely feminized, the woman tease you to tears, take pictures, and put them on the internet for all your friends to see.

Is that strange? Hell no!

How about a sissy, slut fantasy? You are captured by a group of gorgeous, Amazon beauties and thrown into a van. Helpless to resist, you are restrained, blindfolded, and taken to a large house in the middle of nowhere.
They transform you into a total, sissy slut, and parade you around like a toy. Large, soft, breast forms fill out your blouse and your tiny skirt barely covers your red, satin panties and garter belt. Pink, fur covered handcuffs tether you to a post in the middle of the room, and a local football team cums over to show you a good time.

Is that strange? Oh on the contrary, its the Superbowl and you’re the star!

“But Miss Teresa” you may ask, “What if my girlfriend/wife is one of these women that thinks its strange? Then what?”

Uh……….Well then……….Hmmmm……….Maybe……….

Hey-How ’bout those Giants?

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