Queen for a day

Bob had been dressing up a lot more since being laid off from his job at the sardine factory. He still woke up each morning at 6, then remembered that he had no job and nowhere to go. His girlfriend Julie was out of town on business, and her closet full of beautiful dresses, blouses and skirts, her dresser filled with soft, silky lingerie, and her collection of high heels was irresistible to him.

He would get up and shower, then put on the TV and have coffee, promising himself that he would stay out of her clothes. But within an hour he was standing in front of the full length mirror, admiring himself in her fabulous, pink satin tulle baby doll, and matching panties.

Despite the anxiety, the worry about her discovering his secret, and the guilt he felt, there was no way he could stop. The layers of soft, cool, silk and satin on his skin, and the way he felt as he slipped on her nightgown was incredible. It was like a drug that he had to have.

Julie would be back in 6 more days, and he took advantage of this time to try on almost everything she owned. He convinced himself that their relationship was over anyway. She was tired of his lack of sexual interest in her, and his laziness. Since they would soon be breaking up, he figured he had nothing to lose by shaving his legs. While he was in the tub and had the razor out, he shaved the rest of his body as well. All except a small patch of his pubic hair that he carefully shaped into a heart.

In the back of his mind he thought he heard a little voice telling him that this was crazy, but as he dried off and wrapped himself in a towel singing “I Feel Pretty,” the little voice was drowned out.

As the days went by he tried on more and more of her things. Her shoes even fit him, and soon he was wearing her bra’s, panties, stockings, dresses, heels and even some jewelry. His long, straight hair only needed a little brushing out to look very feminine. The only things missing were nail polish, makeup, and perfume, and that was not worth the risk.

The most ironic part of all this was that Bob always fantasized about getting caught. As catastrophic as that would be in reality, it was the height of his fetish.

In his fantasy, Julie would come home and find him dressed to the nines, and instead of getting mad, she would decide that he needed to be shown what being a girl was really like. Full makeup, perfume, maybe curl his hair, and then…

Well, what happened next varied, but the most exciting part for him, was that when he was completely feminized by her, she would whisper into his ear; “You’re a girl now sweetheart, you’re a girl now.”

Of course it probably wouldn’t work out that way, but he dreamed about it so often it was almost as if it had already happened.

“You’re a girl now sweetheart, you’re a girl now,” and soon waves of pleasure shook through his body and he could no longer hold back. Lightly touching himself through his panties, he would have a tremendous orgasm, at times falling on the bed or the floor.


It wasn’t easy to keep Julie’s lingerie clean, but with practice he could usually time it just right. More than once though, he came too soon and into her soft panties.

He would then carefully undress and put the soiled panties in the laundry room with the others, to be washed and dried the day before she came home.

Since this was going to be his last day of dressing up, he decided to try on the only outfit of hers that he hadn’t worn. A gorgeous, light green, layered silk satin skirt, and a matching laced, silk satin top. Just looking at it laid out on the bed made his heart pound. He had to be careful with this because Julie was going to wear it that weekend, and it still had the tags on it. There would be no way to have it cleaned if something unexpected happened, but it was worth it, he decided.

He knew there was a matching bra and panty set put aside for the occasion, and soon he would be wearing it all, trying desperately not to touch himself and hear those words.

“You’re a girl now sweetheart, you’re a girl now.”

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