Old Crossdressers, Soup, and Mike Tyson

Crazy George and Big Bob

Crazy George and Big Bob

“That’s funny that you’re also a crossdresser Bob. Its a small world isn’t it?”

“Oh Great, now I’ll have that fuckin song in my head all day.”

“You know, I used to fantasize about being captured by a group of beautiful women, then feminized and forced to serve them. Isn’t that strange?”

“Oh I don’t think so George, I had the same fantasies. What I really wanted to do, was to be taken to a lingerie shop and have all the pretty, young, salesgirls know the stuff was for me.”

“Yeah, that’s a doozy. I used to want to be caught in my panties, then be blackmailed into dressing up completely, and I mean completely! Oh the hours I spent…”

“What, you actually found someone to do that for you?”

“Nope, I meant the hours I spent fantasizing about it. How bout you Bob, did you used to do any of that stuff you fantasized about?”

“Nah, I actually stopped dressing up in my early twenties. I was afraid of getting caught you know, and discovered. But I never stopped thinking about it. I kinda wish I had the nerve to do some of that stuff though, especially the lingerie store. Hey whats for dinner tonight?”

“I think they’re serving pea soup and some kind of meat. Don’t much matter to me cause I aint got no real teeth left.”

“What about TV, anything good on TV tonight?”

“There’s a thing about Mike Tyson and pigeons. I been lookin forward to it all week.”

“Sometimes I wonder just what the cashier at the lingerie store would actually think. I mean, would she laugh? Would she tell all her friends? Would she really, really embarrass me, cause that was a big part of my fantasy.”

“I don’t think she would have cared much Bob, I really don’t. Pigeons huh?”

“Yep, pigeons.”


Is it 5:00 yet?

Is it 5:00 yet?

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