Voices, I hear voices *

Its funny how your mind can wander, even while doing something as complicated as riding a motorcycle for three hours. The following is a small part of a conversation that I had with myself this afternoon. Fortunately it stopped after I had lunch.

Voice 1: “Dammit-I forgot my camera. I wonder if I should go back?”

Voice 2: “Are you kidding? You’ve already gone 30 miles.”

Voice 1: “It really is gorgeous out here today, life is good!”

Voice 2: “Yeah, until you hit a deer at 70, then what?”

Voice 1: “Are you going to nag me all day like this?”

Voice 2: “No. Yes. That’s what I do. Its called Monkey Mind-it never stops.”

Voice 1: “What, never? And stop that shit about the deer. I’m hungry, maybe I should pull into this 7-11 and grab a sandwich.”

Voice 2: “Well, hardly ever. No, don’t stop now.”

Voice 1: “Coffee, I want a cup of iced coffee.”

Voice 2: “Bad idea, then you’ll have to find a bathroom in 15 minutes.”

Voice 1: “This vibration feels so good. I wish I could ride naked.”

Voice 2: “Now you’re talkin!”

Naked Bike

Naked Bike

*Russ Ballard – Voices

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