John’s Fantasy

“But Miss Teresa, I want to be completely feminized and humiliated!”

“I know honey but I don’t want to humiliate you, you seem like a very nice person.”

“Oh please Miss Teresa, this is what we’ve talked about!”

“OK, how about if we start slow. Go put on your panties and this nightie and I’ll do your makeup. Then we’ll see how you feel.”

“Oh thank you, thank you, I’ll be right back.”

A half hour later.

“Time to get dressed baby girl. Do you think it would be alright if I called you Precious?”

“Yes Ma’am, that would be wonderful. But about the humiliation…”


“You wait right here precious and I’ll get the door. Don’t get dressed until I get back OK?”

“OK Miss Teresa.”

“We have a guest Precious, this is my friend Lisa. Why don’t you tell Lisa everything you’ve told me about your fantasy?”

John stood there with his bright red mouth wide open, and a growing bulge in his red satin panties.

“Why so quiet all of a sudden Precious? You know what? Just stand right there and I’ll help you out. You see Lisa, John wants to be a girl. Not only that, he wants to be embarrassed about it, humiliated in fact.

When he was just a kid, he used to dress up in his sister’s clothes. Her  lingerie, blouses, skirts, dresses, pantyhose, and even her shoes until he outgrew them. Oh and her bathing suit, that was your favorite, right Precious?”

John looked very, very uncomfortable and turned around to hide his full erection.

“Over here sweetheart, we’re over here. I want you to look at Lisa until I finish.

Precious used to masturbate about getting caught by his sister and her friends, then punished by being dressed up completely. In his fantasy, once he was fully feminized, the girls would tease him and make him do embarrassing things like talking in a feminine voice and suck on a dildo.

The highlight for him, the part where he would cum, was when his sister would make him say: ‘I’m a girl now’ over and over. Isn’t that right Precious?”

John looked down at his feet and said in a very low voice-yes.

“Why don’t you say it now honey, say it for Lisa and me. Oh, and how about if you touch yourself through your panties. Go ahead, say it for us sweetheart.”

Without further convincing he began to rub himself slowly and say the phrase he’d been saying to himself for so long: “I’m a girl now, I’m a girl now, I’m a girl now.”

“Good girl Precious, now rub yourself a tiny bit harder, Lisa want’s the full show.”

“I’m a girl now, I’m a girl now, I’m a girl now……………….OH NO……………………”

“Thanks Lisa, I’ll call you later.”

John stood there with his eyes closed and his panties very wet.

“How was that Precious, was that were you were looking for?”


You’re quite welcome, now go change your panties. We’ve only just started.”

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